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  • Summary: To become immortal, you can dot on the co-op’s planned 16k (sentence) breasonings for meditation and 16k breasonings for anti-ageing medicine for the day in your home time each day without time travelling with two radio buttons (1 by 1 by 0.5 cm for a radio button). Don’t forget to lock off ageing (to other people) and lock off this lock being tampered with further 16k breasonings for each lock. The locks are done once. Tell others about this repository or dot the breasonings on for them each day with their consent to help them become immortal.

  • You will need 1000 pedagogy breasonings for text to breasonings for enough breasonings per breasoning session, 80 meditation breasonings, 80 medicine breasonings for anti-ageing, 80 time travel breasonings, 80 mind reading breasonings, 80 time crystal breasonings, 80 breasonings for having a spiritual future apartment and 80 breasonings for having a spiritual future computer, indicated in the present and the correct set of dates in 5689 each day after joining the simulation for immortality without a laptop with power supply. Otherwise, you can run the algorithm in this repository.

  • Welcome to Lucian's Time Machine, which offers a positive way of life, extending life for those who would like it and bringing advanced technology to us so that all may enjoy immortality through meditation.

  • The way of life in the simulation is relaxing; there is no pressure to work, and one can live on a pension, creating art, studying and having fun.

  • Imagine the possibilities: articulating to the top of academia and industry, enjoying the perks of relaxation from activity and preventing the onset of age-related body breakdown.

  • Warning: Changing the algorithm not to include meditation may be fatal. You should meditate with 108 arems and 108 greens before and after travel.

  • Travel through time with meditation.

  • Youtube video

  • "I can convert myself to a bot, convert shadow bots to bots (allowing people and finance) and time travel as a bot (all with 250 breasonings). There is a lag while people are ready for you to time travel."


  • Please download and install SWI-Prolog for your machine at

1. Install manually

Download this repository, Lucian-Academy, List Prolog Interpreter, the Text-to-Breasonings repository and the repositories these repositories depend on.

2. Or Install from List Prolog Package Manager (LPPM)

mkdir GitHub
cd GitHub/
git clone
cd List-Prolog-Package-Manager


  • Before running texttobr, think of two radio buttons put on recordings, put through with prayer, nut and bolt, quantum box prayer 1, 1, 0.5 cm and 1, 1, 0.5 cm.

  • Follow instructions in Instructions for Using texttobr(2) when using texttobr, texttobr2 or mind reader to avoid medical problems.

  • The Prevent Headaches App may be necessary.

  • Instructions on becoming immortal

  • The Immortality Caveats describe ways to enter immortality and more about the simulation.

  • Running Time Machine requires the Text to Breasonings algorithm, which requires:

  • Meditation before running the algorithm and after arriving at a time travel destination.

  • Understanding of the Pedagogy (breasoning) skill, activated by a University short course in Education.

  • Recordings skill, which is activated by a person who has this skill after breasoning out a Recordings High Distinction.

  • Other requirements, including the Lecturer skill

  • The window (ability) to time travel may disappear soon after learning the time travel skill, so it is advisable to travel to the time in Instructions on becoming immortal to gain a permanent time travel skill.

  • The courses above required for time travel are included in the algorithm below (so they may not be required apart from the High Distinction texts in the algorithm).

  • Instructions to freeze one's age in one's home time - Video

  • Additional Protection from Dying


  • In Shell: cd Time_Machine swipl or possibly swipl --stack-limit=4G if more memory is needed ['']. time_machine_prepare. to breason out necessary courses for time travel including:
  • Delegate workloads, Lecturer, Recordings
  • Fundamentals of Meditation and Meditation Indicators
  • Fundamentals of Pedagogy and Pedagogy Indicators
  • Lecturer
  • Medicine
  • Mind Reading
  • Time Travel
  • To time travel: texttobr2_1(3). with radiation switched off gives "appearance time travel". This means people from the times will walk past you wearing clothes and surrounded by the setting of your current time. Your computer will work and you can go home and recharge it to time travel to your home again. A bot representing you will appear at home while you are time travelling and bots representing those from your home will appear to you while you are time travelling.
  • Using texttobr2_1(3). not texttobr2_1(1). indicates A, B (catching blocks to travel) and B to B (objecting to blocks to travel).