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Setting up a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with TextToBr
Use a VPS (necessary because of the time the computation takes) to achieve meditation without meditating. Many daily benefits, such as health.
Please read Instructions for Using texttobr(2).pl.txt before installing.
Note: Instructions are for Mac, but you can modify steps 6 and possibly 9 for Windows and Linux.
Note: Replace /Users/yourname/yourfolder/ (in lines 12 and 13 and the following) with the folder the rest of the files will be in, /var/www/ ( line 14 and the following) with the home folder on the VPS and ( line 14 and the following) with your VPS's IP address.
Replace stub meditator and doctor names in and respectively. Meditators are taught by Lucian Academy, or a teacher with 50 Meditation As who dots on the utterance-arem link daily and doctors are those who need the effects of medicine.
1. Sign up for a free account on e.g.
2. Sign up for a free or paid domain name inside the AwardSpace control panel.
3. Sign up for a $10/3 months VPS account.
4. Ask the admin to install SWI-Prolog for Linux (e.g. Debian -
5. Set up an FTP account on the VPS using the special control panel.
6. Allow signing in to your VPS account without having to type your password each time:
Set up shell ssh key terminal mac save public key log in -
Does ssh key require password?
Where is ssh configuration file mac -
command-shift-. see invisible finder files, use AirDrop to transfer to new Macs rather than scp or ftp.
7. Copy the contents of the folder to "yourfolder".
8. Upload them to the VPS's /var/www/ folder.
Note: Read the following to change the number of people who this script aims for:
Memory returned when suffering from Parkinsons.txt
9. Save the following (not a shell script) in a text file and log in and paste it into the Mac terminal.
ssh -p 22
%% Paste rest after entering the password without keys installed, otherwise paste whole thing.
cd ../var/www/
swipl -G100g -T20g -L2g
swipl -G100g -T20g -L2g
swipl -G100g -T20g -L2g
time((N is 21*3*3*3*4, M is 4000, texttobr2(N,u,u,M),texttobr(N,u,u,M))).
swipl -G100g -T20g -L2g
time((N is 21*3*3*2*4, M is 4000, texttobr2(N,u,u,M),texttobr(N,u,u,M))).
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