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Contains Prolog programs that can be used by an individual to read their mind using meditation
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Contains Prolog programs that can be used by an individual to read their mind using meditation

So far, contains, which helps generate 250-word breasoning traces of the algorithm drawing characters, used to recognise those characters.

Load each as ['filename']. given

run each using sectest(Score).

Note: Needs screen installed to help you mind read the computer's thoughts (requires finished music composer and combination algorithm writer with predicates), still in pipes, but can still read your mind.

%% before running texttobr-based mind reader, to avoid conjunctivitis and haemorrhoids, think of two radio buttons put on recordings, put through with prayer, nut and bolt, quantum box prayer 1, 1, 0.5 cm and 1, 1, 0.5 cm.

The rest of the mind reading programs are in the List Prolog repository.

Caution: follow instructions in when using texttobr, texttobr2 or mind reader to avoid medical problems.

Please read init.txt to initialise any new mind-reading algorithms.

See regarding Clearing away mind reading interference.

%% To project the spiritual screen's pixels %% Follow instructions on init.txt on Lucian Green's mindreader GitHub repository for projecting voxels

%% Do if there were not enough breasonings when running %% Songs need 82000 not 44000 breasonings (which is the default on to be done up because there are not enough words %% texttobr2(8,u,u,u). with 10 songs' asc2mid text files, lyrics (selected in Finder and) pasted into BBEdit file-songs.txt. - faster on VPS %% ['texttobr2']. %% Import from Lucian Green's List Prolog Repository %% ['texttobr']. %% texttobr2(u,"file-songs.txt",u,u). %% texttobr(u,"file-songs.txt",u,u).

%% postsong(10). For ten songs - redo this for enough breasonings if you have run

%% Write a spiritual letter to your federal government (with a done up A per sentence) to activate the technology. %% texttobr2(u,"letter.txt",u,u). %% texttobr2(u,"file-letter.txt",u,u).

%% Following this, run using sectest0. %% Eliminate interference once you have got the algorithm working with 4*4000 breasonings for it working: texttobr2(64). and eliminating any instances of interference with 250 breasonings: texttobr2(2). (2) for dotting on and doing it.

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