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My dotfiles used on Arch Linux and MacOS. Include custom scripts and configs for Vim/NeoVim, ZSH, i3, Polybar, Tmux, Ranger, Rofi, Emacs/Spacemacs and more.
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Luciano's dotfiles

My personal dotfiles repo


To install, make sure ZSH is installed, then run ./install

When running GNU+Linux with dwm, add the following to your crontab: @hourly /home/<your_username>/.scripts/weatherupdate with your username.

Things I am working on right now

  • Make dwm keys the same as in readme
  • Improving zsh loading speed
  • Changing /bin/sh to dash
  • Fixing Emacs imports
  • Better installation script
  • Create a dotfile CLI thingy (for updating and such,
  • Create documentation for NeoVim example
  • Automate coc.nvim installation
  • Install global Yarn depenendencies
  • Auto install Spacemacs
  • Add config for taskbook

/r/unixporn info


  • Laptop: Lenovo Thinkpad X200
  • OS: Arch
  • WM: i3-gaps
  • Shell: ZSH
  • Terminal: ST (Simple Terminal)
  • Color scheme: Monokai Seti
  • Background: Logo of the agency I co-founded

Software seen:

  • System info screen: Neofetch
  • Statusbar: Polybar
  • Editor: NeoVim
  • Matrix screen: cmatrix
  • System utilization screen: gotop
  • Clock: tty-clock
  • File browser: Ranger (with highlight for highlighting)
  • Colorized ls: Exa (Rust based ls alternative)
  • Doge screen: doge
  • Cow quote: fortune | cowsay -f sodomized | lolcat
  • Other commands shown: See .generalrc of my dotfiles




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