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Quasar hybrid app with social network authentication and Cordova
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Hybrid app developed with Quasar + Cordova + HelloJS that allows social network authentication to be used as login and registration in a offline simulation.


  • Quasar v1
  • Cordova
  • HelloJS

To run this project

  • Set the google and facebook app ID's inside the "hellojs" object of the package.json:

Alt Text

  • Download packages: npm install

  • Build application: quasar build -m cordova -T android

  • Change to the cordova folder: cd .\src-cordova\

  • Build cordova: cordova build android

  • Run cordova on your device: cordova run android

  • Login screen:

Alt Text

  • Register screen:

Alt Text

  • Home screen:

Alt Text

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