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require 'redmine'
Dir[File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__),'vendor','plugins','*')].each do |dir|
path = File.join(dir, 'lib')
$LOAD_PATH << path
Dependencies.load_paths << path
# Patches to Ruby, oh my
require 'stuff_to_do_array_patch'
# Patches to the Redmine core.
require 'dispatcher'
Dispatcher.to_prepare do
require_dependency 'project'
require_dependency 'issue'
require_dependency 'user'
Project.send(:include, StuffToDoProjectPatch)
Issue.send(:include, StuffToDoIssuePatch)
User.send(:include, StuffToDoUserPatch)
# Needed for the compatibility check
require_dependency 'issue_priority'
rescue LoadError
# TimeEntryActivity is not available
Redmine::Plugin.register :stuff_to_do_plugin do
name 'Stuff To Do Plugin'
author 'Eric Davis'
url ''
author_url ''
description "The Stuff To Do plugin allows a user to order and prioritize the issues they are doing into a specific order. It will also allow other privilged users to reorder the user's workload."
version '0.4.0'
requires_redmine :version_or_higher => '0.8.0'
settings(:partial => 'settings/stuff_to_do_settings',
:default => {
'use_as_stuff_to_do' => '0',
'threshold' => '1',
'email_to' => ',',
'use_time_grid' => '0'
menu(:top_menu, :stuff_to_do, {:controller => "stuff_to_do", :action => 'index'}, :caption => :stuff_to_do_title, :if =>{ User.current.logged? })
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