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Simplest working implementation of Stylegan2 in Pytorch
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Simple StyleGan2 for Pytorch

Simple working Pytorch implementation of Stylegan2 based on


You will need a machine with a GPU and CUDA installed. Then pip install the package like so

> pip install stylegan2_pytorch


> stylegan2_pytorch --data /path/to/images

That's it. Sample images will be saved to results/default and models will be saved periodically to models/default

Advanced Use

You can specify the name of your project with

> stylegan2_pytorch --data /path/to/images --name my-project-name

By default, if the training gets cut off, it will automatically resume from the last checkpointed file. If you want to restart with new settings, just add a new flag

> stylegan2_pytorch --new --data /path/to/images --name my-project-name --image-size 512 --network-capacity 20


  1. Add mixed precision and multi-GPU support


Thank you to Matthew Mann for his inspiring simple port for Tensorflow 2.0


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