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Releases: lucidworks/lucidworks-view

1.4.0 - Ra Ra Rasputin's Disco Tiara

21 Feb 21:43
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Lucidworks View is a consumer-facing front end for Lucidworks Fusion. It provides a basic search interface with simple configuration, so you can quickly deliver a Fusion-based search solution with minimal development. View is powered by Fusion, Angular, and SASS.

Lucidworks View

New Features

  • Now works out of the box with Fusion 3
  • Added support for changing the default query via FUSION_CONFIG.js
  • Added support for date range facets type
  • Added support for simple grouped results
  • New loading state for range facets to prevent multiple selections while page is loading

Bug Fixes

  • When redirected through login, inital page query will no longer be cleared
  • Linked URLS with parameters now click through correctly
  • Only show pagination arrows when pagination is possible
  • Fixed typeahead autocomplete user entry race condition

Package Updates

  • Updated ESLint to version 3.3.1.
  • Updated angular-ui-router to version 0.4.2

Deprecated API functions

  • URLService.setQuery()

    Instead of using URLService.setQuery() use QueryService.setQuery().

    URLService.setQuery() will be removed in View 1.5.0.

Downloadable Binaries

Downloads are available below
Binaries for version 1.4.0 are for mac, linux and windows 10.

Getting Started

  1. Download a binary and unpack the binary.

    Alternative instructions for cloning this repo available here

  2. Change into the binary directory:

    cd app
  3. While you're working on your project, run:

    ./ start

    This will compile the SaSS, assemble your Angular app, and create FUSION_CONFIG.js (if you haven't created it already). You'll see output that tells you which port was selected:

    [BS] Access URLs:
         Local: http://localhost:3000
      External: http://<external IP>:3000

    The default is port 3000, but if that port is already in use then the app selects the next highest available port.

  4. Now go to http://localhost:<port> in your browser to see it in action.

    The first time you browse to the app, you'll see a login page. Use your Fusion username and password. To enable anonymous access, edit the anonymous_access keys in FUSION_CONFIG.js.

1.3.0 - Pikachu's Invisible Tiara

06 Dec 23:04
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New Features

  • Added a Windows packaged build, you can now run View on Windows
  • Improved performance by minifying builds by default and turning off page change animations
  • You can now specify if you want view to start on a specific port
  • Introduced developer mode, which allows you to develop with unminified build objects, just npm run start-dev

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in npm run build command

Downloadable Binaries

Downloads are available below
Binaries for version 1.3.0 are for mac, linux and now windows 10.

1.2.0 - Cersei's Iron Tiara

06 Dec 23:03
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New Features

  • Now support range facet type
  • Add multi select faceting, meaning you can facet on multiple items within a single query
  • Add 'clear all' button to facet lists, clearing all selected facets
  • Improved signals now pass in more information including position, language, and platform
  • Enhanced signals service, adding additional functionality
  • Improved field display in templates by setting set max-length

Bug fixes

  • Fix typeahead of a query profile or pipeline
  • Fixed field values: HTML entities are now properly truncated

Downloadable Binaries

Binaries for version 1.2.0 are for mac and linux only.

1.1.0 - (Tsarina Alexandra Tiara)

06 Dec 23:02
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New Features

  • Highlighting support for fields when configured in Fusion
  • Grouped results are now displayed when configured in the Fusion pipeline
  • Add support for self signed certs with https on connections between Fusion and View
  • Add ability to use View with https enabled. (You can even use your own cert!)
  • Add context and instructions when starting via command
  • Improved signals to work with more complex inputs

Bug fixes

  • Fixed npm start command: NPM start command now tracks changes to HTML files. Now you can change your HTML and templates with reckless abandon
  • Fixed landing pages: Landing are now unique

Downloadable Binaries

Binaries for version 1.1.0 are for mac and linux only.

1.0.0 - Initial release (Paper Tiara)

06 Dec 23:03
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The first release of Lucidworks view

Contains out of the box support for:

  • Landing pages
  • Fusion Field facets
  • Document display templates
    -- Slack, Twitter, JIRA, web, local file, default
  • Color and logo customization
  • Authentication
  • Signals
  • Typeahead
  • Sorting

Downloadable Binaries

Binaries for version 1.0.0 are for mac and linux only.