Cobalt 2 Theme for PhpStorm
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Cobalt Theme for PhpStorm

⚠️ This repo is WIP.

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This theme is inspired by WesBos' Cobalt 2 theme for SublimeText. May work for other JetBrains' products, such as IntelliJ but, it's not been tested.

I'm focusing on PHP syntax only, but other syntaxes may come when I'll need them (CSS, HTML, JS, Coffee, Eslint, ...)

➡️ Any PR is welcomed.

Thanks and enjoy.



# Close PhpStorm
cd ~/Library/Preferences/PhpStorm2016.2/colors/
git clone .
# Now open your PhpStorm > Preferences > Editor > Colors & Fonts > Scheme > Cobalt 2 > Apply
  • The colors folder should be empty before cloning otherwise you get git error.
  • If there's no colors folder, you need to create it by mkdir colors
  • The path may differ based on your PhpStorm version or JetBrains software
    • IntelliJ IDEA may be located at ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea2016.2/