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Development repo for a package to create logos with data in R
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This is a package to write with data in R. Each character is computed separately, allowing for multilayering. Functionality of the bundler function (Latest Update):

lapply(1:max(df$index), function(x) chars2data(char=df$chars[x],
                                                    ylims = ylims,
                                                    jitterfactor=2)) %>%
    , .)


  • annotate script
  • formulate bundler function
  • variable random noise factor
  • elliptical function in addition to circular one
  • add additional letters
    • available:
      • A
      • B
      • C
      • D
      • E
      • G
      • I
      • L
      • M
  • replace vertical lines by function
  • create jitter factor a variable
  • possible variables:
    • alpha
    • jitter factor
      • differentiate between x and y jitter
    • method (raster, polygon) [consolidate]
    • conditional additional layers
    • background
    • grid
  • combine multi-liner and one-liner into one function


Small multiline 'logos' work pretty well already: hex mode banner hex mode raster mode multilayering

still in development

The ideal distribution parameter for large word numbers has still to be figured out, as you can see:

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