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See movie session seat maps right from your console window!
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Check live movie session seat maps right from you terminal window with this cool app.

How to install

Since this is a Node.js application, you need it installed before continuing. Refer to for details. This has been tested with Node.js v9 and v10, but it should work just fine with v7.6 or higher (which brought async/await support), although I'm not totally sure.

git clone
cd ingresso
npm install

How to use it

To use it, just run:


It will interactively guide you through the steps involved in finding your movie session. Use the arrow keys to choose among options and press return key to select it.

After a session is selected, the seat map will be shown:



This application accesses's API, which is not officially released (AFAIK); use it at your own risk. Be sure to check's Swagger if you want to play with it:

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