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What's the status of the 2.0 API update?

lucjon commented Mar 30, 2013


As you may have seen from the Github history, it has been... on hiatus for a period of time. Since I'm planning to take a crack at the code you mentioned in issue #20, I might well take the opportunity to fix the branch up into something a it more usable, but I can't promise anything myself.

Patches are, of course, always welcome. ;)

@lucjon Thanks again for the prompt response.

I may be experimenting with the Stack Exchange API over the coming weeks, if so I'll be in a position to assist with the 2.0 effort.

Is updating-2.0 the correct branch for the 2.0 API work? Does that branch use the 2.0 API currently? (Sorry, still learning your code...)

lucjon commented Mar 31, 2013

The answers to both of those questions is yes. As I remember it, it does work to a limited extent, but is certainly far too buggy at the moment for me to recommend it for use in any sort of production application.

Cliché as it may be, I'm going to have to apologise for the state of some of the code. The first version was slapped together within a few days of the API release, and not all of it has been touched by the magic hand of refactoring.

I did notice that object_explorer doesn't work with the updating-2.0 branch. =(

Regarding the state of the code, I appreciate the mere existence of the library.

I'll submit patches where appropriate.

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