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Updating to v2.x

Lucas Jones edited this page May 1, 2014 · 2 revisions

Stack Exchange are shutting down the v1.x API on the 12th May, 2014; any applications relying on v1.x of Py-StackExchange will therefore cease to function on this date.

From the point of view of Py-StackExchange, the API will remain almost identical when you upgrade to v2.x, except that:

  • You will need to re-register your application on StackApps in order to obtain a new API key; the old one will no longer work
  • Some fields and methods have been removed or replaced with similar, but not identical fields or methods.

The public API has changed in the following ways:

  • User.email_hash has been removed; a rough equivalent is User.profile_image
  • All misspellings of 'privelege' have been corrected to 'privilege' (I thought I'd caught this one a long time ago!) — Privelege is now Privilege, User.has_privelege is now User.has_privilege and Site.priveleges is now Site.privileges
  • The constructor for Site now takes an optional impose_throttling keyword parameter
  • StackAuth SiteDefinition results have been expanded considerably; see the SE docs for more details

To reiterate: modulo the changes above, your existing code should continue to work unmodified. If it does not, please file an issue!

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