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Version 6.1

Tutorial written by Steve Luck, Javier Lopez-Calderon, Stan Huang, Jason Arita, and Eric Foo

ERPLAB Toolbox core designed by Javier Lopez-Calderon and Steve Luck

ERPLAB has primarily been tested using EEG collected with Brain Products ActiCHamp and Biosemi ActiveTwo systems, along with a smaller amount of testing using EEG collected with Neuroscan and EGI systems. Consequently, you should be particularly careful when using this version of ERPLAB with data collected with systems other than Brain Products ActiCHamp or Biosemi ActiveTwo.

The goal of this tutorial is to provide step-by-step instructions for the processing of a simple data set. For an overview of ERPLAB Toolbox and detailed information about each specific function, see the ERPLAB User's Manual. A Frequently Asked Questions document is also available. All documentation is available on our GitHub Wiki page.

If you have bug reports, requests for features, questions about using the software, and comments of general interest, please post them to the ERPLAB Email List. To communicate privately with the developers, send an email to erplabtoolbox@gmail.com.

Please keep in mind that this is FREE software, and we do not have the resources to provide the level of support that commercial software vendors can provide.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview and Scripting

  2. Getting Started

  3. Brief Description of the Example Experiment

  4. Adding Channel Locations to your Dataset

  5. Background Concepts: Datasets, ERPsets, and Bins

  6. Creating an EventList

  7. Advanced EventList Options

  8. Creating Bin-Based EEG Epochs

  9. Artifact Detection

  10. Creating Averaged ERPs

  11. Plotting Averaged ERP Waveforms

  12. Filtering EEG and ERPs

  13. Combining ERP Waveforms with Bin Operations

  14. Creating and Modifying Channels with Channel Operations

  15. Assigning Events to Bins with BINLISTER

  16. Measuring amplitudes and latencies with the ERP Measurement Tool

  17. Exporting and Importing EventLists to Combine Artifact Rejection and Artifact Correction