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Utility for using Minecraft's 1.13 'brigadier' library in Bukkit plugins
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Utility for using Minecraft's 1.13 'brigadier' library in Bukkit plugins.


This guide assumes your plugin is built using Maven. The steps will be similar for Gradle though.

1) Configure your build script to shade commodore into your plugin jar

You need to add (or merge) the following sections into your pom.xml file.

                                <!-- vvv Replace with the package of your plugin vvv -->



2) Setup commodore in your plugin

package me.lucko.example;

import com.mojang.brigadier.arguments.BoolArgumentType;
import com.mojang.brigadier.arguments.StringArgumentType;
import com.mojang.brigadier.builder.LiteralArgumentBuilder;
import com.mojang.brigadier.builder.RequiredArgumentBuilder;

import me.lucko.commodore.Commodore;
import me.lucko.commodore.CommodoreProvider;

import org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand;

public class TestPlugin extends JavaPlugin {

    public void onEnable() {

        // register your command executor as normal.
        PluginCommand command = getCommand("mycommand");
        command.setExecutor(new MyCommandExecutor());

        // check if brigadier is supported
        if (CommodoreProvider.isSupported()) {
            // get a commodore instance
            Commodore commodore = CommodoreProvider.getCommodore(this);

            // register your completions.
            registerCompletions(commodore, command);
    // You will need to put this method inside another class to prevent classloading
    // errors when your plugin loads on pre 1.13 versions.
    private static void registerCompletions(Commodore commodore, PluginCommand command) {
        commodore.register(command, LiteralArgumentBuilder.literal("mycommand")
                .then(RequiredArgumentBuilder.argument("some-argument", StringArgumentType.string()))
                .then(RequiredArgumentBuilder.argument("some-other-argument", BoolArgumentType.bool()))

The com.mojang.brigadier packages will be automatically imported into your classpath when you add the commodore dependency, but they should not be shaded into your plugins jar file.

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