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A collection of utilities and extended APIs to support the rapid and easy development of Bukkit plugins.
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A collection of utilities and extended APIs to support the rapid and easy development of Bukkit plugins.


helper: The main helper project

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helper-sql: Provides SQL datasources using HikariCP.

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helper-redis: Provides Redis clients and implements the helper Messaging system using Jedis.

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helper-mongo: Provides MongoDB datasources.

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helper-lilypad: Implements the helper Messaging system using LilyPad.

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helper-profiles: Provides a cached lookup service for player profiles.

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helper-js: JavaScript plugins using Nashorn.

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Feature Overview

  • Events - functional event handling and flexible listener registration
  • Scheduler - easy access to the Bukkit scheduler
  • Promise - a chain of operations (Futures) executing between both sync and async threads
  • Metadata - metadata with generic types, automatically expiring values and more
  • Messenger - message channel abstraction
  • Commands - create commands using the builder pattern
  • Scoreboard - asynchronous scoreboard using ProtocolLib
  • GUI - lightweight by highly adaptable and flexible menu abstraction
  • Menu Scheming - easily design menu layouts without having to worry about slot ids
  • Random - make random selections from collections of weighted elements
  • Bucket - sets of distributed and uniformly partitioned elements
  • Profiles - a lookup repository and cache for player uuid & name profiles
  • Plugin Annotations - automatically create plugin.yml files for your projects using annotations
  • Maven Annotations - download & install maven dependencies at runtime
  • Terminables - a family of interfaces to help easily manipulate objects which can be unregistered, stopped, or gracefully halted
  • Serialization - immutable and GSON compatible alternatives for common Bukkit objects
  • Bungee Messaging - wrapper for BungeeCord's plugin messaging API
  • JavaScript Plugins - javascript plugins using helper-js and Nashorn

... and much more!


Documentation and a more detailed feature overview can be found on the wiki, here:

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