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## Error Handling
When an exception is thrown in your code, you don't want your user left with
a blank page, so Lucky has a built in way of handling these errors.
Lucky comes built-in with a nice debug page when in development. In production
Lucky renders a simple HTML error page for browsers and JSON errors
for API endpoints.
## Error handling in development
When using a browser with Lucky in development mode, Lucky uses the
[ExceptionPage]( shard to
display a helpful page with your stack trace, and exception message.
When using JSON Lucky renders JSON errors whether in development or
### Seeing the error page your users will see
Sometimes in development you want to see the page your users will see instead
of the debug page.
To do so, change the the `settings.show_debug_output` option to `false`:
# config/
Lucky::ErrorHandler.configure do |settings|
settings.show_debug_output = false
## Customizing Error Handling

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