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Paw Dynamic Value that converts an hexadecimal encoded strings to base 64.
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Hex to Base 64 Dynamic Value (Paw Extension)

A Paw Extension that converts hexadecimal encoded strings to Base 64. This handles binary data correctly.

For example, your hexadecimal input is: 696c6f7665706177 (which is the hexadecimal encoding of the byte string ilovepaw), the result will be base64("ilovepaw") which is aWxvdmVwYQ==.

If you're looking for the opposite behavior (Base 64 to hexadecimal), you should probably use the Base 64 to hexadecimal Dynamic Value.


Easily install this Paw Extension: Install Hex to Base 64 Dynamic Value


Build & Install

npm install
cake build
cake install


During development, watch for changes:

cake watch


This Paw Extension is released under the MIT License. Feel free to fork, and modify!

Copyright © 2014 Paw Inc.


See Contributors.

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