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OpenAPI 3.0 Generator for Paw

A Paw Extension to export OpenAPI files from Paw.

How to use?

  1. In Paw, go to File menu, then Export -> All Requests -> OpenAPI 3.0 Generator
  2. Save to a file (probably *.json format, but it might be changed to *.yaml)
  3. Import file in Swagger (You can check file e.g. at here)

#Development notes

  1. To create "realtime" development environment feel, You can use npm run watch command and in Paw choose "OpenAPI 3.0 Generator" as a preview mode. Extension will be refreshed (built + copied to Paw) each time any *.ts file in "src/**/*.ts" has been changed.
  2. In Paw -> "Window" -> "Extension console" is the console where You have access to debugging console
  3. To use console.log and console.error function it is recommended to use Console class from src/lib. Standard console.log outputs object as [object Object] while Console.log will output stringified version of object
  4. Cookies cannot be exported, because "Session" is no available in Generator Extensions (for now)
  5. AuthConverter allows 1 authorization at a time -> this converter needs to be changed, if multiple authorization per request is allowed


This Paw Extension is released under the MIT License. Feel free to fork, and modify!

Copyright © 2014-2020 Paw


OpenAPI 3 (Swagger 3) Generator for Paw



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