A Paw Extension to import Postman Environments.
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Postman Environment Importer (Paw Extension) [DEPRECATED]

** There is now a Postman Importer that supports both collections and environments

A Paw Extension to import Postman Environments into Paw.

Note that if you need to import Postman Collections (where your requests are saved), you need to use the Postman Importer.


Easily install this Paw Extension: Install Postman Environment Importer

How to use?

  • In Postman, hit the "Download all data" button
  • Save the file
  • In Paw, go to File menu, then Import...
  • Pick the saved Postman file, and make sure the Format is "Postman Environment Importer"


Build & Install

npm install
cake build
cake install


During development, watch for changes:

cake watch


This Paw Extension is released under the MIT License. Feel free to fork, and modify!

Copyright © 2014 Paw Inc.


See Contributors.