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Miki is a mini-wiki system in just one file.

  • One single PHP file (and an htaccess)
  • No database needed (files are stored as .txt files in the server)
  • Markdown language

Miki mini-wiki system screenshot

How to use it

At the right of every page you will find an Edit button, click on it and modify the text, then Save.

Use Markdown to format your text and put words inside [ ] to create internal links, then click on them and a new page will be created.


  1. Copy .htaccess and index.php into your web server.
  2. Open index.php and change $apppass to something long.
  3. Also, set the $url and $apppath.
  4. Open .htaccess and set the RewriteBase path.
  5. Create a link in your browser to point to $url/$apppass. Example:
  6. Make sure that you have writing permissions in the Miki folder, every new Miki page is stored in a .txt file.


2.0.2 (2 February 2013)

  • Ported all formatting to official Markdown
  • New design (better readability, responsive, mobile optimised)
  • Huge bandwidth savings: Formatted text is now generated on the fly (instead of downloading formatted+unformatted)
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements


Miki is authored by Xavi Esteve and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.


There are still some things to iron out. The app right now is a great concept though. This code hasn't been tested in a production environment or been under any security audit. While it should be safe, please check the code by yourself, I am not responsible for any damage.