Wiki system in PHP+NoDB in just one file. 10s setup + auto-installed. Full Markdown support. Super fast and lightweight (-0.01MB gzip). Multi-User support. Minimal and beautiful.
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Miki is a mini-wiki system in just one file.

  • One single PHP file
  • No database needed (files are stored as .txt files in the server)
  • Auto-installed automatically
  • Full Markdown language support
  • Super fast and lightweight (0.01MB including PHP code, Database, Responsive Stylesheet and Scripts)

Miki mini-wiki system screenshot

How to use it

At the right side every page you will find an Edit button, click on it and modify the text, then click Save (or press Control+S).

Use Markdown to format your text and put words inside [ ] to create internal links, then click on them and a new page will be created.


  1. Copy index.php to your web server
  2. Open index.php and customize details in $config variable
  3. Create a folder next to index.php with a very very long name (30 characters or more)
  4. Create a link in your browser to point to URL + FOLDERNAME. Example:
  5. Make sure that you have writing permissions in the Miki folder, every new Miki page is stored as a .txt file

Custom CSS styling

Create a link [customcss] so you get a page like and write the CSS code in it.


3.1.24 (10 April 2017)

  • Auto-save drafts
  • Dark mode at night

3.1.20 (13 February 2017)

  • Simplified setup + auto-installation of .htaccess
  • Multi-user support (one per folder)
  • User Interface improvements and code optimizations
  • Cookie based login allows for long session durations
  • Keyboard shortcut to Edit and Save
  • Dark theme between 9pm and 7am
  • Custom starting page name (welcome by default)
  • Custom per-folder CSS file
  • New logo and favicon
  • Tons of bug fixes and performance improvements

2.0.2 (2 February 2013)

  • Ported all formatting to official Markdown
  • New design (better readability, responsive, mobile optimized)
  • Huge bandwidth savings: Formatted text is now generated on the fly (instead of downloading formatted+unformatted)
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements


Miki is authored by Xavier Esteve and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.


Please check the code by yourself before using it in a production environment.