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saved document 128367 for target/attr_entity_one_value_attr30.xml
The sql table VALUE does not seem to contain a value??
gday is not converted???
xml:lang xml namespace not declared!
- Support for bundles
- HadMember conversion to rdf
- Influence to rdf
1. prov-interop
define generic interface, with read/write Document, and dispatch by type.
2. Revise converters to rely on beans only
3. Handling of namespaces, qnames, uri, conversion and utility functions.
Maybe create a class "NamespaceManager",
Register there common prov:qnames, etc
4. Drop dependency on help, assert triples directly.
0. asn/target/pc1-full-2.xml
differ because of pc1:url has xsi:type=xsd:string
Also, pc1:url has no quote
entity(pc1:a26,[prov:label="Atlas Y Slice"%%xsd:string,prov:type=""%%xsd:anyURI,pc1:url=])
1. Update the ASN grammar to have Document
2. Likewise update to latest the XML Schema
3. TreeTraversal: should handle known prov attributes.
5. Should ProvToDot be implemented using BeanConstructor?
7. pom.xml used to add 'extends Entity' to the definition of Agent.
This resulted in problems when marshalling an Agent. To be revisited.
8. Conversion to Dot
should display plan
9. W3C tech report example:
asn parser does not set label in the java representation, but adds a Jaxb element prov:label.
1. Update the ASN grammar to deal with latest changes
- wasAssociated with Plan
- drop hadPlan