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How to create an AWS user

This document shows you how to create a new AWS User with admin permissions and get the associated Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

1. Enter IAM

To create a new user on your AWS account you have to use the IAM (Identity Access Management) service:

IAM service

2. Select "Users / New User"

From IAM, select "Users" on the left and then "Add User" on top

Select "Users / New User"

3. Username and access type

At this point you can enter the chosen username and select the access type.

For the sake of this workshop it's necessary to have only the programmatic access.

You can keep using your own main user if you want to access the web console.

Insert Username and select programmatic access

4. Admin permissions

Give the user admin permissions by selecting the Admin group or an equivalent group (with AdministratorAccess policy).

select Admin permissions

5. Review

In this section you can easily review all the options before proceeding.


6. Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

Finally your user is created and here you can get your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

Store them in a safe place as you won't be able to visualize this a second time.

Get Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

That's all!

Have fun 🤓 and remember to delete this user at the end of the workshop if you want to keep your AWS account clean and safe.

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