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An amazing web prototyping tool. CURRENTLY UNMAINTAINED.
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So long, and thanks for all the fish.
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Sadly, this project:

  1. Is currently unmaintained.

  2. Only works in Python 2.7.

  3. Is in dire need of several improvements for its version 3.0:

    • Drop the markdown support
    • Drop the cherrypy/cheroot dependency and go with gunicorn
    • Update voodoo to copier.
    • Replace beaker with pyceo
    • Drop the support of all Pythons before 3.6.

An amazing prototyping tool.

With Clay you can forget about making changes to dozens of HTML files just because you need to add a link in the footer.

You can also use it to prototype your AJAX-driven application or the responses of sending forms, because it acts like a real server.


$ clay new myappname

will generate a new app container with the following structure:

  ├── source/
  ├─────── static/
  └── settings.yml

Inside that folder, run the development server with:

$ clay run

and your site'll be available at

Anything you put under source will be render as a page. For instance, source/page.html will be visible at:

and source/foo/bar.json at:

To generate a static version of your site, stop the server (with Control + C) and run:

$ clay build

and all the templates will be processed and the result stored inside the build folder.

How to install

Just run:

sudo pip install clay

and you're ready to go.

Happy coding!

copyright:Lúcuma labs S.A.C.
license:MIT, see LICENSE for more details.
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