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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Shake.views
Implements the bridge to Jinja2.
from datetime import datetime
import hashlib
import io
import os
import jinja2
from jinja2.exceptions import TemplateNotFound
from werkzeug.local import LocalProxy
import yaml
from .helpers import local, url_for, to64, plural, StorageDict
from .wrappers import Response, LOCAL_FLASHES
VIEWS_DIR = 'views'
LOCAL_I18N_STRINGS = '_i18ns'
def flash(request, msg, cat='info', extra=None, **kwargs):
"""Flashes a message to the next request. In order to remove the
flashed message from the session and to display it to the user,
the view has to call :func:`get_flashed_messages`.
:param message: the message to be flashed.
:param category: optional classification of the message.
request.flash(msg=msg, cat=cat, extra=extra, kwargs=kwargs)
def get_messages(request=None):
"""Pulls all flashed messages from the session and returns them.
Further calls in the same request to the function will return
the same messages.
flashes = getattr(local, LOCAL_FLASHES, None)
if not flashes:
request = request or local.request
flashes = request.session.get(LOCAL_FLASHES) or []
setattr(local, LOCAL_FLASHES, flashes)
if flashes:
del request.session[LOCAL_FLASHES]
return flashes or []
CSRF_FORM_NAME = '_csrf'
class CSRFToken(object):
def __init__(self):
value = hashlib.md5(os.urandom(32)).hexdigest()[:16]
self.value = to64(int(value, 16))
def input(self):
return'<input type="hidden" name="%s" value="%s">'
% (, self.value))
def query(self):
return '%s=%s' % (, self.value)
def __repr__(self):
return '<CSRFToken %s = "%s">' % (, self.value)
def get_csrf_secret(request):
"""Use it to prevent Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks."""
csrf_secret = request.session.get(CSRF_SESSION_NAME)
if not csrf_secret:
csrf_secret = new_csrf_secret(request)
return csrf_secret
def new_csrf_secret(request):
csrf_secret = CSRFToken()
request.session[CSRF_SESSION_NAME] = csrf_secret
return csrf_secret
class BaseRender(object):
default_globals = {
'ellipsis': Ellipsis, # Easter egg?
'plural': plural,
'now': LocalProxy(datetime.utcnow),
'url_for': url_for,
'flash_messages': LocalProxy(get_messages),
'csrf_secret': LocalProxy(lambda: get_csrf_secret(local.request)), # Deprecated
'csrf': LocalProxy(lambda: get_csrf_secret(local.request)),
'request': local('request'),
'settings': LocalProxy(lambda:,
'get_messages': get_messages,
# The class that is used for response objects.
response_class = Response
def __init__(self, default_mimetype='text/html', i18n=None,
self.default_mimetype = default_mimetype
self.i18n_dir = i18n
self.default_language = default_language
self.default_globals['i18n'] = LocalProxy(self.get_18n_strings)
def _get_template(self, filename):
raise NotImplementedError
def _render(self, tmpl, context):
raise NotImplementedError
def __call__(self, filename, dcontext=None, mimetype=None,
headers=None, **context):
tmpl = self._get_template(filename)
if not context and isinstance(dcontext, dict):
context = dcontext
result = self._render(tmpl, context)
mimetype = mimetype or self.default_mimetype
response_class = self.response_class
resp = response_class(result, mimetype=mimetype)
headers = headers or {}
for key, val in headers.items():
resp.headers[key] = val
return resp
def load_i18n_strings(self, lang_s, lang):
if not self.i18n_dir:
return None
lang = lang.replace('-', '_')
filename = os.path.join(self.i18n_dir, lang + '.yml')
if not os.path.isfile(filename):
if lang == lang_s:
filename = os.path.join(self.i18n_dir, lang_s + '.yml')
with as f:
strings = yaml.safe_load(f)
return StorageDict(strings, _default_value=u'',
except (IOError, AttributeError):
def get_18n_strings(self):
lang_s, lang = local.request.get_language(self.default_language)
strings = getattr(local, LOCAL_I18N_STRINGS, None)
if not strings:
strings = self.load_i18n_strings(lang_s, lang)
if strings:
setattr(local, LOCAL_I18N_STRINGS, strings)
return strings
class Render(BaseRender):
default_tests = {
# Test for the mysterious Ellipsis object.
# whose mystery is only exceeded by its power :P
'ellipsis': (lambda obj: obj == Ellipsis),
default_filters = {}
def __init__(self, views_path=None, loader=None,
i18n=None, default_language='es-US', **kwargs):
BaseRender.__init__(self, default_mimetype=default_mimetype,
i18n=i18n, default_language=default_language)
filters = kwargs.pop('filters', {})
tests = kwargs.pop('tests', {})
tglobals = kwargs.pop('globals', {})
if views_path:
views_path = os.path.normpath(os.path.realpath(views_path))
# Instead of a path, we've probably recieved the value of __file__
if not os.path.isdir(views_path):
views_path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(views_path),
if views_path and not loader:
loader = jinja2.FileSystemLoader(views_path)
kwargs.setdefault('autoescape', True)
env = jinja2.Environment(loader=loader, **kwargs)
self.env = env
self._loader = None
def _get_template(self, filename):
return self.env.get_template(filename)
def _render(self, tmpl, context):
return tmpl.render(context)
def to_string(self, filename, dcontext=None, **context):
if not context and isinstance(dcontext, dict):
context = dcontext
tmpl = self._get_template(filename)
return self._render(tmpl, context)
def from_string(self, source, dcontext=None, **context):
if not context and isinstance(dcontext, dict):
context = dcontext
tmpl = self.env.from_string(source)
return self._render(tmpl, context)
def to_stream(self, filename, dcontext=None, **context):
if not context and isinstance(dcontext, dict):
context = dcontext
tmpl = self._get_template(filename)
def get_global(self, name):
return self.env.globals[name]
def set_global(self, name, value):
self.env.globals[name] = value
def get_filter(self, name):
return self.env.filters[name]
def set_filter(self, name, value):
self.env.filters[name] = value
def get_test(self, name):
return self.env.tests[name]
def set_test(self, name, value):
self.env.tests[name] = value
def add_extension(self, ext):
default_loader = jinja2.PackageLoader('shake', 'default_views')
default_render = Render(loader=default_loader)
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