An amazing web prototyping tool.
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A rapid prototyping tool.

With Clay you can forget about making changes to dozens of HTML files just because you need to add a link in the footer.

You can also use it to prototype your AJAX-driven application or the responses of sending forms, because it acts like a real server.


$ clay new myappname

will generate a new app container with the following structure:

  ├── source/
  ├─────── static/
  └── settings.yml

Inside that folder, run the development server with:

$ clay run

and your site'll be available at

Anything you put under source will be render as a page. For instance, source/page.html will be visible at:

and source/foo/bar.json at:

To generate a static version of your site, stop the server (with Control + C) and run:

$ clay build

and all the templates will be processed and the result stored inside the build folder.

How to install

Just run:

sudo pip install clay

and you're ready to go.

Happy coding!

copyright:Lúcuma labs S.A.C.
license:MIT, see LICENSE for more details.