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LucyBot API Console

Interactive documentation for your API

We utilize OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) to generate both static documentation and an interactive API console

If you use another type of API specification, such as RAML, WADL, or API Blueprint, you can use api-spec-converter to generate an OpenAPI document.


You can see the console in action for over 250 different APIs at AnyAPI.

You can also see the Hacker News example contained in this repository.


Simply clone this repository, and replace swagger.json with your Swagger file. You can then serve the site statically using Apache, NodeJS, or whatever else.

If you work on the gh-pages branch of your fork, you should be able to see it running at

Commercial Version

A commercial version of the LucyBot console is also available for a one-time licensing fee.

Additional features include:

  • Simple customization and branding
  • Inject custom CSS and JavaScript
  • Include unlimited Markdown/HTML sections
  • Customized navigation bars
  • Custom authentication schemes
  • API galleries and discovery
  • Sample code generation
  • Recipes (step-by-step tutorials for complex workflows)
  • Embeddable UI components
  • Support via phone and e-mail

Please contact for more information


The files in this repository are entirely auto-generated, with the exception of swagger.json. If you'd like to contribute, let us know and we'll add you to the upstream repository.