Interactive element for a website for young kids.
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Interactive element for a website for young kids.

‘AnimalOdyssey’ Interactive Element

Author: Lucy Lamp

Author URI:

All images and concept copyright Lucy Lamp.

Description: Made for kids’ website ‘AnimalOdyssey’. Allows kids to create their own scene using individual images of animals from the site that can be moved around anywhere on the page. Built with Javascript and jQuery.

About the Website: Designed so that both readers and non-readers can enjoy it. Although each page includes informational text non-readers can easily navigate through the use of graphics and interactive elements. Each page of the site features a simple animated scene of animals from forest, sea, and air.

Future Development: Adding additional options for rotating, resizing and layering images. Following that, a version with 3D images.

Dependencies: jQuery jQuery UI

Screenshots (2): the page as it is when opened, and an example of a scene created using the interactive element.