Code Samples for custom menus in'Official Film Site' WordPress theme.
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Custom Wordpress Menus for ‘Official Film Site’ Theme

Author: Lucy Lamp

Author URI:

All theme images, theme and menu concept copyright Lucy Lamp.

Code License

License: GPLv3

Creating additional/custom menus for any WordPress theme.

Description: Code sample used to make additional, custom menus for a WordPress theme. Code sample is from the functions.php file of ‘Official Film Site’ by Lucy Lamp, a WordPress theme for filmmakers.

To see the menu code in action check out the theme’s demo site:

Description of ‘Official Film Site’ Theme:

Official Film Site is a responsive, mobile ready WordPress theme designed for film websites but adaptable for other uses. The theme is designed to accommodate complex taxonomy and a large amount of content including media elements such as trailers, clips, interviews, music, motion graphics and interactive media.

Description of the Menus:

Official Film Site uses multiple menus to help organize content and navigate through complex sites. Placement of menus is flexible with default placement at the top and bottom of the page.

=The‘Filmstrip’ Menu=

Filmstrip icons link to pages about the film such as Synopsis, Trailer, About the Film, Director’s Bio, Director’s Notes, Behind the Scenes, Production Notes, Cast and Crew, Characters, Gallery, Artwork, Storyboards, Posters, Videos, Games, Downloadables, Partners, Buy Tickets, Own the Film, Book the Film, and other categories specific to the film.

= The ‘Star’ Menu =

Star icons link to story related pages about characters, people or subject matter presented in the film, historical facts, timelines and others. Custom icons can be uploaded to replace star icons.

= The ‘Laurel Wreath’ Menu =

A small menu at the top of the page for basic site functions. Default links are ‘Home’ and ‘Menu’. Other possibilities: ‘Contact’, ‘Book (or Own) the Film’, ‘Downloads’, ‘Games’ and others.

== Screenshots ==

  1. The three menus

  2. WP Admin Filmstrip Menu

  3. WP Admin Star Menu

  4. WP Admin Top (Laurel Wreath) Menu

  5. WP Admin Theme Customizer

  6. WP Admin Theme Customizer, additional view