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Decentralized research where scientists submit grant proposals and stake holders vote on Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts developed with Truffle, Solidity, Node JS, Web3.js, and Ganache
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SCI4ALL: Decentralized Science Research

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SCI4ALL is an application for decentralized decision making for scientists and researchers to colloborate and be paid fairly developed for ETHWaterloo



  • Trust
    • Scientists collect large amounts of valuable data everyday but data is not shared.
    • Science should be more collaborative - instead there is a high degree of fear among scientists
  • Business
    • Billions of dollars wasted on redundent research due to replication of data
    • Collaboration requires time, money, and resources due to many barriers
    • Issues with funding distribution within research

Blockchain Solution

SCI4ALL is an initial proof of concept dapp which associates an Ethereum address with each research project to be funded. Scientists submit grant proposals and stake holders vote for their preferred choice. The blockchain-based system improves crediting/funding allocations among researchers. Image a world where scientists can collobrate, and trust is given without limitations.

  • Verify the authenticity of data with "time stamps" with immutability blockchain
  • Guarantee protection of intellectual property rights
  • Facilitate the exchange of valuable research results - peer reviewing and the publication of papers
  • Tamper-proof history of recording research contributions in transactions
  • Incentivisation tokens for data sharing
  • User friendly interface to make blockchain easily accessible for everyone

Technical Dependencies

Setting up the Ethereum smart contract development environment:

  • Truffle v5.0.44 (core: 5.0.44)
  • Solidity v0.5.12 (solc-js)
  • Node v10.17.0
  • Web3.js v1.2.2
  • Ganache

How to use the dapp

find folder for ganache

chmod a+x ganache-2.1.2-linux-x86_64.AppImage


cd into SCI4ALL directory

truffle compile

truffle migrate

npm run dev

Web view on http://localhost:3000/

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