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Spells - yuiop for spell slots
Use Weapon - t or h
Inventory - 1 through 9 for item slots, or use mouse to manage (right click to drag/drop item)
Using stairs, picking up items - Simply stop on top of them without pressing any weapon or spell keys
To change the games resolution/toggle fullscreen and other settings, edit runtime/settings.yaml.
The game is actively seeking new contributors! Shoot me an email at if interested and I'll happily help you get started.
The project uses CMake to create plaform independent build files.
Other than CMake, freetype is the main dependency. If you are getting SDL errors when the game runs, try installing your SDL2 dev package (if on Linux).
Windows development requires running CMake on the lanarts source folder, and making sure the path to freetype is correct.
To build and run, do:
from the lanarts source folder.
If developing on Windows, create the desired project files (eg by picking them from CMake GUI), build, and run the executable from the 'runtime' folder in source.
NOTE: Currently you will need to run before running. This is done automatically in but must be done separately during Windows development.
For Linux/Mac. For Windows, you can use the CMake GUI. Go to folder where you want eclipse project files:
cmake -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" <path to lanarts source>