Uniform webview on any Android 4.x device.
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IMPORTANT: This project has been discontinued. For the latest Webview+ for Android, please go to the new Cocoon Cloud at http://cocoon.io.

The new Cocoon cloud is completely Cordova based and has enhanced features that include: the most up to date Webview+, new Cocoon plugins, a better Developer App, support for any Cordova plugin and a revamped UI.

Webview+ for Android

This project is a plugin for cordova/phonegap apps, and provides a uniform webview on any Android 4.x device..

Looking for Webview+ for iOs?

Webview+ Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • V8 Javascript VM
  • Works on Android 4.x
  • Latest HTML5 APIs
  • Compatible with Cordova Plugins
  • Better performance than system webview


You'll need android SDK API level 19 installed in with your SDK tools.

How to install the Webview+ in your current project

Even though it's a cordova-compatible plugin, some steps must be done for the installation. If you prefer, you can install it automatically using the CocoonJS Command Line Interface.

The cocoonjs-cli has the same usage and commands of cordova-cli.

Once the cocoonjs-cli is installed in your system, just type:

// Install Ludei's CLI
$ sudo npm install -g cocoonjs

$ cocoonjs create MyProject
$ cd MyProject
$ cocoonjs platform add ios
$ cocoonjs plugin add com.ludei.webview.plus -d
$ cocoonjs run/emulate

The -d flag is used to activate the verbose mode.

Manual installation

The CocoonJS-CLI automates the installation of the Webview+, but if for some reason you want to install the Webview+ without the CocoonJS-CLI you’ll have to do the following steps.

These steps are specific for Cordova 3.4.0 and higher. If you want to install manually Webview+ in previous versions, please, refer to the hooks in the cocoonjs-cli

Step 1

Clone the Webview+ repository in your computer:

git clone https://github.com/ludei/webview-plus.git

Step 2

Edit the following file by using your favorite text editor


Step 3

Find the following string inside CordovaWebview.java:

public class CordovaWebView extends WebView

Step 4

Replace the string you've found with these two strings:

import com.ludei.chromium.LudeiWebView;
public class CordovaWebView extends LudeiWebView 

Save and close the file

Step 5

Edit the following file:


Step 6

Paste the following string and change the path after “android.library.reference.1=” to the relative path that points to your downloaded Webview+ (It must be a relative path and not an absolute path)


There you go. Now that you have installed the Webview+ in your project you can run the command “$ cordova build” and your app will benefit of the advantages of the Webview+.

If you want to know how the CocoonJS-CLI does these steps programatically, check the sources at android/hooks folder (after_plugin_add / after_plugin_rm).

Known bugs

  • Launching the Webview+ inside android's emulator can lead to an application crash. Use a real device for testing.
  • Current version may not reproduce sound files.
  • In some devices 3D context may not be created, this is due to a memory limitation of the device.
  • As android SDK API level 19 is required, if it is not installed properly in the machine, it will raise an "Unable to resolve project target 'Google Inc.:Google APIs:19'" compilation error. Here it is a step-by-step guide to solve this issue.

About the author

Ludei is a San Francisco based company, creators of CocoonJS. Ludei aims to empower HTML5 industry with a set of tools that eases the adoption of HTML5 as the target platform for every mobile development.