This library adds angularjs support to Rails applications
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Angular-Rails - The HTML6 Shiv Build Status

This project lets you use angularjs with the yummy Rails 3.1 asset pipeline. The eventual goal is to have it integrate scaffolding with test support.

Warning!! Code-Theft :)

This README (and some of the accompanying code) is being copied/pasted/ripped from the backbone-rails project to help bootstrap things. Later on I'll cut the cord.


  • Rails 3.1 - For the asset pipeline
  • Coffeescript - Because less LOC means less bugs, plus it is the Rails Way, like it or not.
  • Ruby 1.9.2 - Because I like the syntax enhancements (but if there's an outcry I can support 1.8.7)
  • RSpec - This is a loose requirement, but all specs generated will be, well rspec. Once we have end-to-end coverage, someone can add a patch for testunit (or mini*) support.
  • RESTful controllers - another loose requirement, but it will help things be smoother for you. The goal is as little friction as possible between the front and back ends, without resorting to Node.js :).


Add to your gemfile:

gem "angular-rails"

And bundle away. To bootstrap things then type:

rails g angular:install

Layout and namespacing

Running rails g angular:install will create the following directory structure under app/assets/javascripts/angular:


It will also generate a templates/ directory under app assets, where view templates can be stored. This lets you use haml, etc. for your angular views.

It will also add to the application.js file the appropriate requires.


angular-rails provides a simple generator to help get you started using angular.js with rails 3.1. The generators will only create client side code (javascript).

So far we have a controller generator which generates a controller file if you rum

rails g angular:controller MODELNAME

This file is empty except for the class declaration, but I will be adding some RESTful controller functionality shortly.


In an attempt to DRY up angular apps I added the angle-up javascript file to the assets path. angle-up attempts to add some opinions to angular apps.

Example Usage

Created a new rails 3.1 application called blog.

rails new blog

Edit your Gemfile and add

gem 'angular-rails'

Install the gem and generate scaffolding.

bundle install
rails g angular:install

You now have installed the angular-rails gem, setup a default directory structure for your frontend angular code.