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This is a sample script that can be passed to grab-site --custom-hooks=. It
1) drops http:// URLs before they can be queued
2) aborts responses that have a Content-Type: that starts with 'audio/'
3) queues additional URLs on Twitter to get original-quality images
For self-help on writing hooks, `git clone`,
`git checkout v1.2.3`, and read wpull/
import re
accept_url_grabsite = wpull_hook.callbacks.accept_url
def accept_url(url_info, record_info, verdict, reasons):
url = url_info['url']
if url.startswith("http://"):
print("Dropping insecure URL %s" % url)
return False
return accept_url_grabsite(url_info, record_info, verdict, reasons)
def has_content_type_audio(response_info):
t = list(p for p in response_info["fields"] if p[0] == "Content-Type")[0][1]
return t.lower().startswith("audio/")
except (IndexError, ValueError):
return False
handle_pre_response_grabsite = wpull_hook.callbacks.handle_pre_response
def handle_pre_response(url_info, url_record, response_info):
url = url_info['url']
if has_content_type_audio(response_info):
print("Dropping %s because it has audio mime type" % url)
return wpull_hook.actions.FINISH
return handle_pre_response_grabsite(url_info, url_record, response_info)
def get_urls(filename, url_info, document_info):
url = url_info["url"]
# If we see this URL, also queue the URL for the :orig quality image
if url.startswith(""):
new_url = re.sub(":[a-z]{1,10}$", "", url) + ":orig"
extra_urls = [dict(url=new_url, link_type="media")] # see wpull/
print("Queueing %r" % (extra_urls,))
return extra_urls
wpull_hook.callbacks.accept_url = accept_url
wpull_hook.callbacks.handle_pre_response = handle_pre_response
wpull_hook.callbacks.get_urls = get_urls