Chrome extension that mutes new tabs until you un-mute them
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Mute New Tabs

Mute New Tabs is a Chrome extension that fixes the peculiar mistake of browsers allowing websites to make noise without your permission. It uses Chrome's tab muting API to automatically mute new tabs. If needed, you can un-mute a tab by clicking the mute/un-mute icon on the tab itself.

Note: you must enable "Tab audio muting UI control" in chrome://flags to be able to click the mute/un-mute icon on the tab. (Available in Chrome 51+)

Besides muting new tabs, the extension also:

  1. Mutes tabs on startup, because Chrome doesn't remember which tabs were muted.

  2. Mutes the tab when you navigate to a different origin.

  3. Injects a content script on {youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, twitter}.com (and more) to unmute the tab when you click on an in-page volume control. Clicking a volume control shows a clear intent to change the volume, so the tab mute shouldn't get in the way.

All four features can be toggled in the extension's popup window:

Screenshot of menu showing 'Mute new tabs',
'Mute on origin change', 'Mute all tabs on startup', and
'Unmute when clicking a volume control on a page'

Install from the Chrome Web Store

Thanks to @matthiasgoergens, this extension is now available in the Chrome Web Store.

Install from source

Note that if you install an extension from outside the Chrome Web Store, you'll see a "developer mode extensions" nag popup every time you start Chrome, unless you're using Chrome on Linux (lucky you!). On other platforms, if you're crazy enough, you might be able to hexedit your Chrome binary to get rid of it (I have not tested this).

  1. git clone

  2. Open chrome://flags in Chrome.

  3. Find Tab audio muting UI control, click "Enable", then restart Chrome. (Make sure to actually restart it, not just close one window.)

  4. Open chrome://extensions in Chrome.

  5. Check "Developer mode" at the top-right.

  6. Click "Load unpacked extension...", then select the cloned mute-new-tabs directory.

  7. Check "Allow in incognito" if you also want incognito tabs to be muted by default.


Thanks to rones for the keep-quiet sign that I've used for the extension icon.

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