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  1. unfixed-security-bugs unfixed-security-bugs Public

    A list of publicly known but unfixed security bugs

    240 24

  2. why-are-my-node-streams-hanging why-are-my-node-streams-hanging Public

    Some supplemental node streams documentation

    48 3

  3. Protojson Protojson Public

    Convert protobuf Messages to/from Python lists, useful for implementing "protobuf over JSON"

    Python 26 3

  4. nixos-playwright nixos-playwright Public archive

    DEPRECATED. Tell your puppeteer or playwright to use nixpkgs's google-chrome-dev's google-chrome-unstable binary. Previously: Patch playwright-downloaded browsers in ~/.cache/ms-playwright to run o…

    Shell 21 4

  5. py2clj-cheatsheet py2clj-cheatsheet Public

    Python/Clojure translations for boring API stuff

    20 2

  6. mute-new-tabs mute-new-tabs Public

    (Deprecated) Chrome extension that mutes new tabs until you un-mute them or click an in-page volume control

    JavaScript 16 3


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