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gitlab_to_org_mode performs a one-time migration of all issues in a GitLab PostgreSQL database to .org and .org_archive files that can be edited with org-mode. It will probably not do exactly what you need, but it should be easy enough to modify.

The output is one file per GitLab project with:

* TODO Issue title of an open issue
- State "TODO"       from              [2016-08-31 Wed 21:03]
Issue description
** First line of comment #1
The rest of comment #1
** First line of comment #2
The rest of comment #2
* DONE Issue title of a closed issue
- State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2017-04-01 Wed 19:41]
- State "TODO"       from              [2016-08-31 Wed 21:03]
Issue description

All DONE issues go into an .org_archive file instead of an .org file.


  • Authorship/user information is ignored
  • Timestamps on comments are ignored
  • Deleted issues will reappear as not-deleted items
  • Asterisks in issue descriptions may create sibling items
  • First line of a comment on an issue is assumed to be a good child headline
  • Issue labels are not included as tags in the output, but you can modify lib/converter.ex to send them to different files (or fix it to output tags).
  • .org_archive files are missing the # -*- mode: org -*- header, so add this to your ~/.emacs.d/init.el:
    (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.org_archive$" . org-mode))


  1. Install Erlang
  2. Install Elixir and make sure mix is in your PATH.
  3. git clone this repo
  4. cd gitlab_to_org_mode
  5. Edit config/config.exs to point to your GitLab PostgreSQL database
  6. Edit dest_filename in lib/converter.ex to map your GitLab projects to org filenames
  7. mix deps.get
  8. mix
  9. ./gitlab_to_org_mode
  10. Carefully inspect the .org and .org_archive files created in the current working directory.


Converts issues in a GitLab PostgreSQL database to org-mode .org and .org_archive files, retaining issue comments



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