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Add support to sort by columns #50

piranna opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Add support so rows could be sorted clicking on the columns, maybe with the help of a user-defined sorting function (in the same way the sort() function works) on each sort-capable column. This would require that internally the plugin generates a tree structure storing the hierarchy of the rows but also this tree structure would be used so rows could be added randomly so the requeriment of rows being inserted in order would be deprecated.


Thanks for submitting this. I don't think it would make sense to implement sorting functionality in this plugin, other plugins are much more capable of doing this. Also, I think it would be better to remove the tree when sorting on a different column as the tree structure would make no sense anymore.

@ludo ludo closed this

Would you be able to give some advices about this other plugins I would use?


I was thinking in something like GTK TreeTable, where the "model" (the data) is an independent attribute that launch an event when gets modified and the TreeTable gets updated automatically. Maybe TreeTable would have (or receive) a tree structure with the parent-child relationship, and whem modifying it (maybe as simple as call a setter with the new tree structure) TreeTable would re-sort the rows according to this new tree structure.


I do think this would be useful functionality. I was using something called dynatree that supported a sortChildren method, and which worked pretty well for me. Unfortunately, it worked exclusively with hierarchical lists, and doesn't support the table layout that I need. I am going to need to spend some time implementing sorting one way or another. When I get it working I'll post a comment on how I did it.


I got the sorting by column working for me. The way my HTML is structured I have data attributes on the rows that are used for the actual sorting. The column index is only used to keep track of whether the column is sorted ascending or descending. My data is structured such that I always have a single root node, and then I can have n children of that root node, each of which can have their own children. I typically only have 2 or 3 levels, but sometimes as many as 4 or 5. The treetable id and parent id look like "0" for the root node, "0::1", "0::2" for the first level children, and "0::1::1". "0::1::2" for the second level children.

The sorting is done recursively. For each parent row, sort the children, then detach them from the DOM and re-attach them after the parent row. Then look at each child row and if it has children, sort them as well.

Here is a snippet of what the html looks like:

<table id="tree" class="treetable">
                <img id="expandAll" src="/Content/Images/expand-all.gif" alt="expand all" title="expand all">
                <img id="collapseAll" src="/Content/Images/collapse-all.gif" alt="collapse all" title="collapse all">
                <a href="javascript:sortTreeByName()">Name</a>
            <th><a href="javascript:sortTreeByCO2()">CO2</a></th>
            <th><a href="javascript:sortTreeByCH4()">CH4</a></th>
            <th><a href="javascript:sortTreeByN2O()">N2O</a></th>
            <th><a href="javascript:sortTreeByTotal()">Total CO2e</a></th>

    <tr data-tt-id="0" data-name="2012" data-co2="1695287.23014" data-ch4="2574080.18030" data-n2o="1479.77833" data-total="4270847.21908" class="expanded" style="">
        <td><span class="indenter" style="padding-left: 0px;"><a href="#" title="Collapse">&nbsp;</a></span>2012-YR</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">1,695,287</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">2,574,080</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">1,480</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">4,270,847</td>
    <tr data-tt-id="0::3" data-tt-parent-id="0" data-name="Denver" data-co2="800152.60712" data-ch4="825566.94529" data-n2o="535.08098" data-total="1626254.64305" style="display: table-row;" class="collapsed">
        <td><span class="indenter" style="padding-left: 19px;"><a href="#" title="Expand">&nbsp;</a></span>Denver</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">800,153</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">825,567</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">535</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">1,626,255</td>
    <tr data-tt-id="0::3::11" data-tt-parent-id="0::3" data-name="Pneumatic Devices" data-co2="1359.02913" data-ch4="608953.24362" data-n2o="0.00000" data-total="610312.27642" style="display: none;">
        <td><span class="indenter"></span>Pneumatic Devices</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">1,359</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">608,953</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">0</td>
        <td class="nodeValue">610,312</td>


I ended up choosing a jquery plugin called tinysort for doing the sorting -

The way the sorting is done looks like this:

function sortTable(columnIndex, dataName) {
    isAscending[columnIndex] = isAscending[columnIndex] == 'desc' ? 'asc' : 'desc';
    var root = $('#tree>tbody>tr[data-tt-id="0"]')[0];
    sortChildrenOfParent(root, columnIndex, dataName);

function sortChildrenOfParent(parentRow, columnIndex, dataName) {
    var parentRowAsJquery = $(parentRow);
    var id = parentRowAsJquery.attr('data-tt-id');
    var children = $('#tree>tbody>tr[data-tt-parent-id="' + id + '"]');
    children.tsort({ data: dataName, order: isAscending[columnIndex] });
    for (var i = 0; i < children.length; i++) {
        var item = children[i];
        var itemAsJquery = $(item);
        var itemId = itemAsJquery.attr('data-tt-id');
        var childrenOfItem = $('#tree>tbody>tr[data-tt-parent-id="' + itemId + '"]');
        if (childrenOfItem.length > 0) {
            sortChildrenOfParent(item, columnIndex, dataName);

Since there is no sort() algorithm, it would be nice at least if there were a way to insert a node at a certain location. "loadBranch" always appends a new node as the last item. Since we don't have a way to invoke a sort, I would like to use a kind of insertion sort to make sure the nodes are displayed in the desired order, or maybe at least the option with move() to move a node within the same parent where the 2nd argument is the node to insert this one ahead of.

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