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Set of utilities for OpenDJ LDAP directory services
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Small utilities for OpenDJ LDAP directory services (

  • - Converts OpenLDAP .schema file to OpenDJ ldif format
  • - Compute statistics about LDAP operations from access logs
  • NEW: - Compute statistics about search filters from access logs
  • - Patches an existing OpenDS or early OpenDJ instance to allow smooth upgrade afterwards
  • dsmlQueryService.wsdl - DSML WSDL file to use with OpenDJ DSML Gateway
  • - Sample script to configure 2 OpenDJ directory services replicating through 2 OpenDJ replication servers (all installed on the same machine, different ports)
  • - Analyze and compute statistics from the access logs.

Additional utilities for OpenDJ can be found on [Chris Ridd's GitHub space] (

Note: these are my tools and in no way officially supported by ForgeRock.

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