a remote debugger interface to the DBGp protocol (tested only with XDebug/PHP)
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This vim plugin provides a debugger interface to DBGp protocol, and therefore Xdebug (only tested on Xdebug 2).

This is a fork of this plugin, which is a bit buggy, limited is many ways and not maintained anymore.



  • Vim compiled with Python (2) support
  • DBGp protocol enabled debugging module, such as Xdebug.


Clone or download a tarball of the plugin and move its content in your ~/.vim/ directory.

Your ~/.vim/plugins/ directory should now have two more files: debugger.py and debugger.vim.

Using git and Pathogen

Clone this repository in your ~/.vim/bundle directory (and yeah, you're done).

Quick guide

  1. setup Xdebug - or other DBGp enabled server - correctly (with proper remote debug option)

  2. press F5 to make Vim wait for a debugging connection and browse your PHP file (you have five seconds to do it once you press F5).

    All the currently opened windows will be closed and debugging interface will appear.

  3. Once in debugging mode, the following mappings are available:

    • <F1>: resizing windows
    • <F2>: step into
    • <F3>: step over
    • <F4>: step out
    • <F6>: stop debugging
    • <F11>: shows all variables
    • <F12>: shows variable on current cursor
    • ,e: evaluate an expression and display the result
  4. To stop debugging, press <F6>


  • You'll see some python's exception message. They happen when connection is closed, because Xdebug doesn't send message for last file/line information.
  • This plugin doesn't implement all DBGP's features, just the very essential parts.


  • Ludovic Pelle <ludovic_pelle AT carpe-hora.com>
  • Kévin Gomez
  • Sam Ghods
  • Seung Woo Shin


The MIT/Expat licence.