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This is the changelog for PieCrust.

The first section deals with the latest changes in the development branch (default in Mercurial, master in Git).

The second section deals with changes in the stable branch (stable in Mercurial, git-stable in Git), but those changes are also included in the development branch (the development branch is ahead of the stable branch).

Fresh changes

Frozen changes

1.2.0 (2014-03-26)

  • CHANGED: The chef bootstrap script on Mac/Linux won't try to find your PHP installation anymore.
  • NEW: Ability to sort pages returned by site.pages.
  • NEW: Added support for PHP-Sundown.
  • BUG: Fixed a crash when trying to display an error message about incorrectly running chef outside of a website directory in some situations.
  • BUG: Don't use deprecated markup in the chef prepare feed command.
  • MISC: Optimizations for incremental baking.
  • MISC: Ability to update to the dev branch with aliases like master.

1.1.3 (2014-01-01)

  • NEW: Added global --theme option to chef to treat a PieCrust theme like a website. This lets the user run things like chef serve directly on a theme.
  • BUG: Fixed incorrect sorting of blog posts published on the same day.
  • MISC: Happy new year!

1.1.2 (2013-10-31)

  • BUG: The baker was incorrectly deleting files from the output directory during incremental bakes.
  • BUG: The theme_info.yml file was incorrectly deployed to the output bake folder.

1.1.1 (2013-10-28)

  • BUG: Fixed a bug where posts written on the same day would not be ordered correctly.

1.1.0 (2013-10-26)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed all options and features that were marked as deprecated (i.e. they previously triggered a warning message).
  • CHANGE: Removed the sample website (it's being turned into a theme).
  • CHANGE: Added .md and .textile as default auto-format extensions (respectively for Markdown and Textile formatting).
  • CHANGE: The sortBy function on page and post iterators has been renamed to just sort.
  • CHANGE: You can now specify the website's root for chef by using either --root=/path/to/root or --root /path/to/root.
  • CHANGE: You can now specify configuration variants to apply for chef by using --config=variant or --config variant. Configuration variants are found in the variants section of the site configuration. The bake and serve commands will apply variants variants/server and variants/baker, respectively, if found.
  • CHANGE: As a result of the previous change, you will get a warning if you use the old --config option on those commands, or if the old baker/config_variants/default or server/config_variants/default variants are found. It should all work as before, however, except for the added warning.
  • CHANGE: For multi-blogs, a post will try to get its layout from the <blogname>/post template first, and then the global default post template if it doesn't exist.
  • NEW: Added selfupdate command to update an installed (Phar) version of PieCrust.
  • NEW: Added support for tags when importing content from a Wordpress SQL database.
  • NEW: Page and post iterators can be filtered with "magic" functions like is_foo('value') or has_bar('value'), to prevent having to write a full-blown filter in the page config header.
  • NEW: Ability to override the default page or post layout when import a blog from Wordpress.
  • NEW: Added pccache tag to Twig for caching parts of markup during the bake.
  • NEW: You can pass a parameter to all_page_numbers to limit the number of page numbers you get back.
  • NEW: Ability to specify an overall class and/or id for Geshi blocks (syntax highlighting).
  • NEW: Added the IBakerAssistant API for plugins that want to do extra processing during the bake.
  • NEW: Added the IDataProvider API for plugins that want to expose custom template data to pages.
  • NEW: File-systems (flat, etc.) are now extensible through plugins, and several of them can be combined by using comma-separated names in the site/posts_fs configuration setting.
  • NEW: Added --log option to log chef output to a file.
  • NEW: Added dropbox file-system.
  • NEW: Added support for setting parameters on the Markdown formatter.
  • NEW: Added access to the assets from the pagination data, or any other page object from a page iterator.
  • BUG: Fixed an issue with encoding when importing content from a Wordpress SQL database.
  • BUG: Fixed an issue with the geshi node in Twig adding extra empty lines.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with sorting siblings/family pages with a sub-property.
  • BUG: Baking a website will now delete files from a previous bake that are not valid anymore. This fix required a pretty big refactor of the baking process, so it may itself introduce a few other bugs :)
  • BUG: When lowercase is part of the slufigy flags (which is the case by default), PieCrust now correctly matches tags/categories in the URL regardless of the casing.
  • BUG: Don't copy special directories like .hg or .git when installing plugins from a file-system source.
  • IMPLEMENTATION CHANGES: Did some optimizations to make memory footprint more stable during a bake. Also removed PHP's default memory limit when running PieCrust with chef.

1.0.3 (2013-09-02)

  • BUG: Fixed some problems, under some versions of PHP, with baking multi-tags.
  • BUG: Skip page files that end with ~.

1.0.2 (2013-06-13)

  • BUG: Fixed a bug with the pagination object returning empty next_post and prev_post if the current post is not part of the latest posts.

1.0.1 (2013-06-13)

  • BUG: Fixed a bug with the pagination object returning the wrong values for total_post_count, total_page_count and all_page_numbers.

1.0.0 (2013-06-03)

  • BUG: Fixed missing new line after a Geshi node.
  • BUG: Fixed crash in Geshi with "Go" language.

1.0.0-rc4 (2013-05-31)

  • ADDED: Ability to enable keep-alive in StupidHttp for chef serve. This seems to fix some occasional problems.
  • BUG: Fixed the install script that wasn't making the chef bootstrap executable.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug in the flat file-system that was matching incorrect post files.
  • BUG: Make sure the debug window doesn't inherit text variant properties.

1.0.0-rc3 (2013-05-19)

  • BUG: Handle files with BOM headers.
  • BUG: Fixed crash in Jekyll importer.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with baking tag pages with sub-pages when the tag has special or unicode characters.
  • BUG: Fixed a problem with having multiple post loops on a single page.

1.0.0-rc2 (2013-04-24)

  • BUG/CHANGE: Hopefully the last we hear about handling slufigication of tags and categories with non-ASCII characters.
  • NEW: Added Haml formatter.

1.0.0-rc1 (2013-03-14)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Renamed the xmldate Twig filter to atomdate.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The pagination.posts iterator now prevents the user from modifying it, which could otherwise result in confusing behaviour.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Global chef options like --root, --debug or --quiet are now really global, and must be specified before the command name.
  • BREAKING BUG FIX: Monthly blog archives were incorrectly ordered chronologically, instead of reverse-chronologically.
  • NEW: Added prepare feed command to create RSS/Atom feeds.
  • NEW: Added plugins update command to update installed plugins. For now, this command is not optimal and will force-update plugins without checking if there's a new version.
  • NEW: Added support for "auto-formats", specified with the site/auto_formats configuration setting. This lets the user define a mapping between file extensions and text formats, such as .md for Markdown.
  • NEW: In debug mode, Twig's debugging functions are available. They can also be enabled with the twig/debug config setting.
  • NEW: The LESS processor can optionally run the Javascript command line tool instead of using the LessPHP library. This is done by setting less/use_lessc to true in the site configuration.
  • NEW: Sass, Compass and YUICompressor processors are now part of the built-in processors, instead of being in plug-ins. They have also been improved, with Compass support being much better.
  • CHANGE: Updated all 3rd-party libraries to their latest version.
  • CHANGE: The LESS file processor is now using the 3rd-party library caching mechanism.
  • CHANGE: Error handling and reporting has been made more consistent. On Mac and Linux, serve and bake will also print pretty colors!
  • CHANGE: Any place that returns a list of pages or posts should now be a proper pagination iterator, with all the sorting and filtering features.
  • CHANGE: The baker/trailing_slash setting is obsolete, replaced by site/trailing_slash. This setting also now affects the URLs in a preview server (chef serve) as well as during the bake.
  • CHANGE: It is now possible to specify posts_filters on category and tag listing pages. Those filters will be combined with an AND boolean clause.
  • CHANGE: Removed useless banner and --info-only option from chef bake.
  • CHANGE: Renamed some template data: asset is now assets, link is now siblings, and a new family gives recursive access to all sibling and children pages (basically a sub-set of site.pages). The old names are still usable for backwards compatibility.
  • BUG: Generate unique footnote IDs with Markdown-Extra when those footnotes are in posts and the current page lists them.
  • BUG: Fixed some incorrect behaviour when a page/post iterator is iterated several times on a page.
  • BUG: Fixed a crash when using a has_xxx filter on a setting that's not an array.

0.9.2 (2013-02-04)

  • NEW: Added site.pages template data to list all the pages in the website recursively.
  • NEW: The sitemap processor can now auto-generate entries for pages and/or posts.
  • NEW: Themes can declare plugin dependencies that will be installed along with the theme.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Slightly improved baking times.
  • BUG: Assets (images, JS, CSS, etc.) were unnecessarily re-baked when the cache was invalidated.
  • BUG: Fixed some bugs with tags and categories with spaces in them when previewing or baking a website.

0.9.1 (2012-12-04)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed buggy lastmod options for the sitemap processor. There's now just now or a hard-coded date.

0.9.0 (2012-12-03)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Templates directories added with the site/templates_dirs settings are now searched before the default _content/templates directory.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed the Twig filter striptag to stripoutertag to avoid confusion with the existing striptags filter.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The paginator object now returns full URLs for next_page, this_page and prev_page. To prevent most cases of broken links after updating to the latest PieCrust, see the first "improvement" below.
  • NEW: Added support for themes.
  • NEW: Added file-system based repository for plugins and themes.
  • NEW: Add new Twig filters: stripslash, titlecase and xmldate.
  • NEW: Added an option to chef serve to specify the IP address to listen on.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The pcurl() family of Twig functions won't do anything if a given URL is already absolute. This prevents errors where the site's root is added twice to an URL.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The BitBucket repository now caches web requests for an hour.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The Windows bootstrap script can better search for the PHP executable.
  • BUG: Fixed problems when running in XAMPP on Windows.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with the pagination object which could generate double-slashes in navigation links.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with enabling the SmartyPants formatter that could result in an application crash.
  • BUG: Change spaces into hyphens for tags and categories in URLs.

0.8.7 (2012-10-05)

  • BUG: Fixed a crash when using textfrom() on an invalid path.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with posts dates when posts have a date configuration setting. This setting can now override the date provided by the file-system.
  • BUG: Fixed some obscure bug in the unit-tests.

0.8.6 (2012-09-11)

  • NEW: The single_page setting gives simpler output bake paths when baking with pretty URLs enabled. For example, feed.xml will map to feed.xml instead of feed.xml/index.html.

0.8.5 (2012-09-04)

  • BUG: Fixed a problem with error handling always showing internal error details in dynamic mode, even with display_errors disabled.

0.8.4 (2012-08-24)

  • NEW: By setting baker/trailing_slash to true in the site configuration, one can get trailing slashes for pretty-URL-type links on a baked site.
  • BUG: Fixed a debug message incorrectly printed as a warning during bake.

0.8.3 (2012-08-21)

  • BUG: Fixed a bug where incorrect page URIs wouldn't correctly be handled as errors.

0.8.2 (2012-08-13)

  • BUG: Fixed an error with installing plugins on Windows.

0.8.1 (2012-07-20)

  • BUG: In some situations, an incremental bake (i.e. a bake without the -f option) could miss some pages that needed to be re-processed.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug where the PHP include path could grow insane when previewing a site with chef serve that has plugins loaded.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug where some files inside _content/pages were incorrectly treated as pages.

0.8.0 (2012-07-18)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: The filenames created by the baker are now more consistent. When pretty_urls are disabled, pages that create pagination have the same kind of URL as the ones that don't (i.e. foo/bar.html). Sub-pages are baked into foo/bar/n.html (where n is the page number).
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Added support for extensions other than .html for source files -- and that extension is carried to the output file when baking. This means that content_type is back to being used only for setting HTML headers, as it should be. For now, the old behaviour is also supported, with a warning message.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Chef syntax changed to use hyphenated long option names everywhere (it was not 100% consistent until now). A warning message is printed when using the old syntax.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Some options from chef bake were removed because they are useless now that PieCrust supports config variants.
  • NEW: PieCrust is now compilable into a .phar file.
  • NEW: When using chef serve, an error triggered by a file processor will be rendered as an error page.
  • NEW: One can change the current format in the middle of a page's content segment with the <--formatter_name--> syntax.
  • NEW: Content segments can be written with a custom formatter by appending :formatter_name to the segment name (e.g: ---segment:format---).
  • NEW: Posts and pages obtained from pagination or link now also provide access to other content segments than the main one.
  • NEW: Added a sortBy function to pagination and link.
  • NEW: Added all_page_numbers and page(i) functions to pagination.
  • NEW: Added site/enabled_debug_info site configuration setting to let users disable debug_info on production websites hosted as a CMS.
  • CHANGE: The folder structure has been changed to make it look more like an application project. For users, this means the chef executable has been moved to the /bin folder (although, for backwards compatibility, a copy is still available in /_piecrust/chef, but it prints a warning message and will be removed after version 0.9).
  • CHANGE: The --fileurls option from chef bake is deprecated and replaced by the --portable option. This creates a "portable" website where all URLs are specified relatively to the root (with ../../-type paths).
  • CHANGE: A new version of StupidHttp is used for chef serve.
  • CHANGE: chef plugins find now lists all plugins from known repositories when no search pattern is given.
  • CHANGE: The default website, created by chef init, is now better.
  • CHANGE: An error message is displayed when a missing page asset is accessed.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with pcurl and the root URL when pretty_urls are disabled.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with debug_info being possibly incorrectly aligned.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with page slugs having incorrect slashes on Windows.
  • BUG: Fixed a typo in the help text of chef prepare.
  • BUG: Fixed some bugs in the Wordpress importer.

0.7.2 (2012-05-23)

  • MINOR: Removed a call to a PHP 5.3.6-only method to prevent raising the minimum required version to run PieCrust.

0.7.1 (2012-05-15)

  • BUG: Fixed a bug with the hierarchy file-system when several posts are created on the same day.

0.7.0 (2012-05-14)

  • NEW: The full list of posts is exposed through blog.posts (if you have multiple blogs, replace blog with your blog's name). This list doesn't have any effect on pagination, unlike pagination.posts.
  • NEW: Categories and tags are exposed through blog.categories and blog.tags (same remark as previously for multiple-blog sites).
  • NEW: Added a striptag filter in Twig to strip HTML tags from the start and end of some text.
  • NEW: The pagination template data object now also has next_post and prev_post properties to get the next and previous posts if the current page is a post.
  • NEW: The chef plugins command can now install plugins from the internet.
  • NEW: Added the textfrom(path) Twig function to include text from an arbitrary file from outside the website.
  • NEW: Added the chef find command to find all pages, posts and templates in the website with optional filtering features.
  • NEW: Added the chef showconfig command to print parts or all of the website configuration settings.
  • NEW: Added the twig/auto_escape configuration setting to disable Twig's auto-escaping of HTML content.
  • NEW: Added a Jekyll importer.
  • NEW: Added a Joomla importer.
  • NEW: File processors can now be chained (e.g.: process a Sass stylesheet into CSS and then through the YUI compressor).
  • CHANGED: The cache is now invalidated if anything changes in the website's configuration file.
  • CHANGED: The chef import command's options are now mandatory arguments.
  • CHANGED: Pages are now cached differently: the parsed configuration and content segments are cached, but not the rendered/formatted content segments. Those will be re-rendered on demand so that even the most advanced Twig use-cases work.
  • CHANGED: PieCrust now creates directories with 0755 as the permission set.
  • CHANGED: The bakeinfo.json file is now saved in the cache directory instead of the bake destination directory.
  • CHANGED: Updated the Markdown and Less PHP libraries to their latest version.
  • IMPROVED: The chef server will now start faster in most cases.
  • BUG: Fixed a rare bug when both the linker and the pagination are accessed together.
  • BUG: Updated to a new version of Stupid_Http to fix a bug with serving static files requested with a query parameter.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug when specifying excluded file processors.
  • MINOR: Slightly better formatting for the debug window.

0.6.4 (2012-05-14)

  • BUG: Fixed a chef bug when running with PHP 5.4+.

0.6.3 (2012-04-24)

  • BUG: Fixed a bug in the Wordpress importer when using the default SQL table prefix.

0.6.2 (2012-03-11)

  • BUG: Fixed a bug with chef prepare not creating directories with the correct permissions.

0.6.1 (2012-03-08)

  • NEW: The chef prepare command now has a --blog option to specify which blog to create a post for.
  • CHANGE: Updated LessPHP to 0.3.3.
  • CHANGE: Changed wordcount into a Twig filter.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with chef prepare where a post would be created in the wrong place for websites with several blogs.

0.6.0 (2012-03-06)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Chef's --debug option now only changes the verbosity of the command. Before, it also enabled PieCrust's "debug" mode.
  • NEW: Added the wordcount Twig function.
  • NEW: Added the ability for PieCrust plugins to expose Twig extensions.
  • NEW: Added Twig filters: markdown, textile and formatwith.
  • NEW: Added --nocache parameter to Chef.
  • NEW: Added prepare command in Chef.
  • CHANGE: Looping over the page linker now returns both files and directories.
  • CHANGE: The page linker now exposes the name of directories.
  • CHANGE: Chef server doesn't use the cache for the requested page's contents.
  • CHANGE: Updated to Twig 1.6.
  • CHANGE: Updated to LessPHP 0.3.2.
  • BUG: Fixed a harmless crash in chef init.
  • BUG: Fixed crash when baking with caching disabled.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with page asset URLs being incorrect when baking in some rare occasions.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with posts published on the same day not being correctly sorted by time.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with the linker messing up the pagination for the current page.
  • BUG: Fixed a crash in the baker.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug where the 404 page wasn't used when it should have.
  • BUG: Files with spaces in their name now work in the Chef server.

0.5.2 (2012-02-17)

  • BUG: Fixed a bug where the site's index file URL was not handled correctly in some parsing functions.

0.5.1 (2012-02-09)

  • BUG: Fixed some problems with how chef serve caches baked files. The bug would most of time result in incorrectly rendered pages and an error message stating that the server_cache directory doesn't exist.

0.5.0 (2012-02-09)

  • NEW: Added a --quiet option to chef.
  • NEW: Added a chef purge command to clean the cache directory.

0.4.1 (2012-02-09)

  • IMPROVED: The Windows bootstrap script for chef is now a bit better at finding the php.exe executable.
  • BUG: Fixed crash bug with chef import.

0.4.0 (2012-02-04)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: chef now behaves like hg or git in that it knows if it is being run inside a PieCrust website. As a result, most commands' syntaxes have been changed.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: PieCrust now supports plugins. As a result, the Dwoo and Haml template engines, along with the Sass processor, have been removed and turned into plugins.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The pagination data exposed inside a layout is now the same one as for the page inserted into that layout -- this means that depending on the case, pagination.posts would not always return the same thing. You can use pagination.posts.all and other filtering functions to ensure you always get the same results (e.g. if generating an "archive" sidebar).
  • NEW: New chef commands: root, plugins, stats, tags and categories.
  • NEW: You can now specify "* -foo -bar" in the baker/processors site configuration setting to use all processors except foo and bar.
  • IMPROVED: PieCrust now displays an appropriate error message if the user tries to use page asset sub-directories.
  • IMPROVED: The output for chef bake is better, simpler and unified.
  • IMPROVED: The chef server is better at handling file processors.
  • IMPROVED: Better performance when generating a page's templating data.
  • IMPROVED: Better error handling and error messages in all kinds of situations.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with pagination data.
  • BUG: Fixed path parsing bug with paths starting with "~".
  • BUG: Fixed Unix/Mac chef bootstrap to support symbolically linked situations.
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