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Website backup script

This script allows to backup your site's files and database over SSH. More details on my website :


  • You must have an SSH access to your web hosting
  • You must have an SSH access to your web hosting
  • sshpass must be installed on your computer
  • ssmtp and mailutils must be installed and configured on your computer


If you want, you can rename the mysite.config file to your site's name. Then, you have to edit it and fill some parameters :

  • Project name
  • Notification email address
  • SSH : host, login and password
  • MySQL : host, login, password and database name
  • Remote and local directories


To execute the script, you must pass it the config file's path :

./ /home/pi/mysite.config

Your backup will be stored in the directory specified in the "LOCAL_DIR" parameter, categorized by project and month.