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A virtual gaming tabletop you can host on your own server.

Your game. Your data.

FreeBeeGee Homepage | GitHub | Patreon | Docs

Key features

  • Browser-based 2D virtual tabletop for board- and role-playing games.
  • Easy-to-use drag'n'drop interface. Keyboard hotkeys for power-users.
  • Invite friends by sending them a room's unique URL. Room passwords optional.
  • Multiple tables per room. Use them for different game setups or dungeon levels.
  • Tile-/grid-based. Supports square and hex layouts, with snapping.
  • Classic game boards, dungeon tiles and 200+ monster token included. Upload your own, too.
  • Separate layers for tiles, overlays and tokens.
  • Asset browser for your token/tiles. Individual libraries per room/game.
  • Sticky notes and dice trays.
  • Templates to setup tables and populate your library from.
  • Download snapshots/savegames of your rooms, transfer them between servers or keep an offline backup.
  • Privacy friendly. No user tracking. No 3rd-party scripts. Rooms are deleted after some (configurable) time, usually 48h.
  • File & folder-based. No database required. Easy to install.
  • Open source software (AGPL-3.0). Server/API written in PHP, client in JavaScript.

Note: This is an development version. A few rather major features are still missing:

  • While you can upload images/tiles/pieces via the web-UI, editing them afterwards is quite limited.

The good news is: You can still use FreeBeeGee today to play! Those features will arrive sooner or later. There is a (rough) roadmap for details.


What FreeBeeGee is not

FreeBeeGee follows the KISS principle. It is not intended to be:

  • Your group's text/voice/video chat solution.
  • A game scripting engine or programming environment.
  • An AI to play against.
  • A 3D or physics engine with dazzling visual effects.
  • A campaign/game management tool.
  • A community management tool.



  • PHP 7.4 / 8.0 / 8.1 with zip extension
  • Apache with .htaccess / mod_rewrite support

-- or --

  • Docker


Any recent HTML5-capable browser should do. Mobile/touch device support is a bit limited for now, but should be good enough for spectators.


Read the Setup & Config docs for full install instructions and how to set your mandatory server password.