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Syntax highlighting support for "Modern C++" - until C++20 and Technical Specification. This package aims to provide a simple highlight of the C++ language without dependency.

It is recommended to use it in addition with the c++-mode major mode for extra highlighting (user defined types, functions, etc.) and indentation.


modern-c++-font-lock-mode is enabled:

modern-c++-font-lock-mode is disabled:

Using GNU Emacs 24.5.1 and CC Mode version 5.32.5.



modern-cpp-font-lock is available on the major package.el community maintained repo - MELPA.

You can install it with the following command:

M-x package-install [RET] modern-cpp-font-lock [RET]

In your init Emacs file add:

(add-hook 'c++-mode-hook #'modern-c++-font-lock-mode)


(modern-c++-font-lock-global-mode t)


In your init Emacs file add:

(use-package modern-cpp-font-lock
  :ensure t)


Global setup

Download modern-cpp-font-lock.el into a directory of your load-path. Place the following lines in a suitable init file:

(require 'modern-cpp-font-lock)
(modern-c++-font-lock-global-mode t)

modern-c++-font-lock-mode will be activated for buffers using the c++-mode major-mode.


For the current buffer, the minor-mode can be turned on/off via the command:

M-x modern-c++-font-lock-mode [RET]


C++ Language

You can modify the following lists to recognize more words or set it to nil to partially disable font locking:

  • modern-c++-attributes - [[deprecated]], [[noreturn]], etc.
  • modern-c++-keywords - if, constexpr, noexcept, etc.
  • modern-c++-operators - ...
  • modern-c++-preprocessors - #define, __LINE__, __cplusplus, etc.
  • modern-c++-types - bool, char, double, etc.

Set to t (default value) to enable the following options or otherwise to nil:

  • modern-c++-literal-boolean - false, true
  • modern-c++-literal-integer - 0b101010, 18446744073709550592LLU, 0XdeadBABEu, etc.
  • modern-c++-literal-null-pointer - nullptr
  • modern-c++-literal-string - R"xyz()")xyz", L"hello\ngoodbye", "abcd", etc.

C++ standard library

Set to t (default value) to enable the following font lock options. Otherwise use nil:

  • modern-c++-stl-cstdint - Define the header <cstdint>

Mode line

When modern-c++-font-lock-mode is activated, mc++fl is displayed.


The Wiki is available:


Font-lock keywords are tested with the faceup package of Anders Lindgren.


Do not hesitate to ask questions or share suggestions.

Happy coding!