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This file tracks the status of Magento in the 1.2.x branch.
#6341: Duble subject line in e-mail
#7162: Wrong div class used in 'mini compared products box
#7400: In order view (admin panel) statuses history is different in tabs 'Information' and 'Comments History'
#7423: Cart Rules - Condition Limit Error
#7472: Invoices Report
#7612: Products are displayed in categories they are not included in
#7636: Catalog Product Attribute -> Catalog Input Type -> Dropdown
#8020: Custom catalog attributes created as "price" not displaying correctly
#8159: One page checkout :: doesn't work when inline translation was enabled
#8366: Not possible to translate tax identifier for two store views
#8411: (assign users to role)
#8413: Mass Delete through product update screen does not work
#8439: The checkout-process-page has no pagetitle
#8452: Layout Update Problem (Mage_Core_Model_Config)
#8492: Custom Options percentage Price Type: price rounded off unwantedly
#8503: Bundle products and decimal places in options quantity
#8523: Analytics does not show revenue with configurable products
#8573: lifetime sale incorrect when refunding order with discount code applied
#8595: Many numeric-only searches in Admin/Autocomplete
#8657: Spelling mistake in error msg - "Selected currency code () is not compatabile with PayPal"
#8674: User doesn't subscribed to newsletter.
#8726: Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup::getAllAttributeSetIds() belongs in another class
#8762: Filter settings on Sales - Orders not saved
#8770: [MAC, Safari] Unable to create new order in the admin with new customer creating & #8771: [MAC, Safari] Unable to create new order in the admin
#8784: Send product to a friend not under store configuration
#8803: Remove "Yes, No, Any" dropdown filter on Google Base Items
#8893: Trace error after clicking button "Search"
#8896: Applying unable coupons in the empty shopping cart
#8898: Free Shipping: 'For matching items only' cart rule doesn't work with UPS XML type method
#8903: SQL error when sorting Online Customers by Type attribute
#8925: Locale settings not applied after installation
#8928: Unable to create rule for Not logged in customer.
#8943: Import is not working in Safari
#8966: Google Base API - Mass Insert / Update -> CAPTCHA challenge issued
#8968: Category save process is very slow for big catalog
#8974: Content type validation
#8977: Google Analytics reports wrong URL when URL has no query string OR store resides in subfolder...
#8980: Shopping cart discount error
#8992: Mage_Sitemap / Varien_Io_File Bug - Destination not writeable error
#8993: 'No Data Found' for Web Site
#8995: Search does not return correct URL key for additional store view (e.g. 2nd language)
#9109: Sales Report disregards currency rates
#9135: Advanced search by price doesn't work at all
#9139: Admin: menu items not readable when images are disabled
#9166: Unable to add image to all types of product
#9167: AJAX will freeze during 'quick simple product creation'
#9171: Product's table doesn't hide after select products for adding SKU
#9172: Free Shipping: 'For matching items only' cart rule doesn't work with DHL type method
#9173: Calendar's button doesn't work in rules
#9195: [admin - reports - sales - tax] - no data
#9207: Field country is not marked as required
#9208: Unable to add bundle items to bundle product
#9228: cart error after product delete
#9248: On admin page, search function does not work
#9250: Import doesn't work
#9278: Peruvian Nuevo Sol Shown as PES (Peruvian Sol)
#9279: Catalog price rules do not apply when attribute selected has Catalog Input Type for Store Owner ='Multiple Select'
#9296: Customer DOB saved not correctly
#9324: Bad counting products
#9326: Verification in "Contact Us"
#9348: Sales Tax Reports Give False Results (No Results)
#9354: Date Format
#9358: Unable add products to Google Base after filtering
#9359: Google Analytics Revenue Not Working
#9375: Fatal error: Call to a member function getItemsCollection() in Address.php
#9389: SQL-error while creating custom option forproduct
#9390: In "Advanced Search" all text is not displayed
#9392: The field is too broad insert text
#9440: Error subscription to newsletter
#9452: Email Reply Address
#9468: The same group name in an attribute set can be created but it can NOT be saved
#9470: Gift message is not moved over on an order edit
#9479: Reorder / shipping method price doesn't displayed in the "Order Totals" area
#9481: Broken design of the Expiration Date field for CC payment method
#9492: Dataflow export doesn't recognize absolute path
#9493: Buggy Sorting in Manage Tax Rates - Mantis
#9505: Missing echo statement in blank/default/template/shipping/tracking/popup.phtml
#9517: Impossible to set custom admin theme in configuration
#9536: User permissions - Manage Attributes setup
#9540: Google Base Adding SID to urls in multi domain environmnet
#9544: Zero tax total folding/unfolding
#9556: Fatal error during Store View creating
#9566: table rate shipping uploading csv broken
#9596: Store-specific payment method name not in order email
#9611: Not correct message, when you remove the product.
#9619: On front-end Serch is not working
#9622: Unable to add Configurable product to the shopping cart
#9639: Design crushing and SQL-error in admin Dashboard
#9649: Fatal error after reordering orders that contains gift message
#9651: Total revenu always 0 on Google Analytics
#9657: Email to a friend -> User can send more than 5 emails in an hour
#9659: Email to a Friend -> "Add Recipient" button doesn't work
#9660: newsletter subscribers: "Select All" working as select visible
#9665: Export action on Manage Customers and Newsletter Subscribers exports only visible page content
#9683: Orders: Function "Move to shopping cart" does not work.
#9684: Orders: Action "Hold" leads to fatal error.
#9685: No tax data in Reports - Sales - Tax
#9688: Incorrect update qty of the bundle product in the shopping cart
#9695: Manage Attribute Sets: Does not create new group
#9696: Unable to assign existing products to any web sites
#9697: Enable/Disable status works incorrect
#9699: Blank theme :: Pay Pal's Review page :: button doesn't work + products names doesn't shows
#9700: Search synonym does not work
#9707: Customers->Manage Customers->*user* - orders with DP doesn't displayed
#9708: Manage Attribute Sets: Error when creating and deleting groups
#9711: Google checkout are returning Comments History with HTML tags
#9712: Parameter "Maximum Package Weight ", leads to error 404.
#9716: Creating of Bundle Product -> SQLSTATE error
#9717: "Shipment email not sent" status does not change when you send a letter.
#9738: Downloadable product + Tax Rules = error 404
#9742: Notice on products sitemap
#9743: Wrong count of related products, upsells and crosssells in admin
#9760: Free Shipping : 'For matching items only' incorrect works with USPS + FedEx method
Fixed Bundle with custom options final price calculation
Fixed CatalogSearch events
Fixed EAV attribute save bug
Fixed EAV use joinAttribute method in conditions addAttributeToFilter method
Fixed MySQL 4.1 bug with NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO mode and ALTER TABLE command
Fixed Online customers
Fixed Varieb_Db_Select::resetJoinLeft (find tables in conditions)
Fixed Varien_Data_Collection_Db::getSelectCountSql
Fixed _joinAttributeToSelect for abstract catalog collection (using attribute in select result and filter condition)
Fixed adding product to shopping cart
Fixed admin notification window block ACL
Fixed autobinding unescaped SQL variables
Fixed bug with categories tree interface after switching store
Fixed catalog price rule validation (case if rule is wrong: need to remove existing generated price changes)
Fixed cleanup call in catalog index
Fixed command line installation with index.php
Fixed customer and product grid performance in admin
Fixed cybersource payment for virtual order
Fixed generate xml string for config cache (0 value was ignored)
Fixed getting table names during installation
Fixed refreshing catalog rewrites after save catalog configuration and url resource model for getting static attributes value
Fixed reindex prices after saving catalog configuration section
Fixed reorder of grouped products
Fixed tax data joining (join tax classes just for special cases)
Fixed tierprice rendering for different product types
Fixed translations in permissions titles
Fixed PayPalUk Redirect url wrong type
Fixed create unique index in install
Fixed catalog product index
Fixed session validate and re-validate sent cookie
Added customer group id for price condition in advanced search, replaced 'or' on 'in' for price layered navigation condition
Fixed Google Checkout displaying of button when it is disabled
Fixed PayPal css/html
Fixed USPS Express Mail free shipping
Fixed applying catalog price rule with empty from date
Fixed catalog search in multistore setup
Fixed checkout crosssell block: when there are no products in cart, the filter was working incorrect
Fixed displaying of shipping name in orders history (if there are only downloadable or virtual products in orders)
Fixed displaying of uploaded files; changed redirecting after log in action while trying to download is not shearable link
Fixed downloadable products renderers for multishipping checkout
Fixed fixed amount product taxes
Fixed foreign key upgrade in core DB upgrade 0.8.10-0.8.11
Fixed getting massaction_key from POST
Fixed issues with applying coupon codes
Fixed js error in manage rules interface
Fixed downlodable products admin interface in IE
Updated Flex-Javascript bridge, fixed IE/Safari issues
Added applying frontend translation when sending emails from admin
Fixed recreating new instances of Flex-Ajax bridges on hide/display flash objects
Fixed category selection in URL-rewrites management form
Fixed fatal error in downloader
Fixed command line installer
Fixed fixed amount product taxes for products without discounts
Fixed hiding of flex uploader after removing row of downloadbale sample|link
Fixed FPT editing for bundle products
Fixed generatting filenames for create custom extensions interface in Windows
Fixed calling final step of dataflow import
Fixed bundle js for calculating children with FPT
Fixed grid to select products SKU in price rules in IE6/7
Fixed duplicate diplaying prices in bundle product price ranges
Fixed displaying category image in blank theme
Fixed cross sells issues on frontend
Fixed serialized data checking when reading FPT data from order item
Fixed checking order status for downloadable products to become available
Fixed #9757: Paypal Payment Pro Direct not visible
Upgraded ZF library to version 1.7.2 (r13445 from
Added downlodable product type
Implented fulltext search
Added layred navigation to search results
Added option to disable google checkout for selected products
Added fixed amount product taxes
Moved information about product visibility to catalog_product_category_index
Changed Mage::app()->isInstalled to Mage::isInstalled to prevent db upgrades
Removed session ID encryption
Changed catalogindex price to store prices per website
Changed modules dependencies: Mage_Shipment and Mage_Payment now depend on Mage_Catalog, Mage_GoogleCheckout depends on Mage_Payment, Mage_CatalogInventory doesn't depend on Mage_Sales
Added "Add Field with URL" option for product export
Added configuration field to include some additional output on the HTML page before head closing tag
Added Spanish - Costa Rica locale
Extended Mage_Adminhtml_Controller_Action->_prepareDownloadResponse() to avoid copy-pasting in admin controllers
Removed adding ?ft parameter in admin to prevent the issues it caused
Made category URL suffix to be .html by default
Added setting body class on <body> tag for admin pages (similar to frontend - full action name separated by dashes)
Added local.xml.additional file to list/explain possible additional configuration nodes/values for local.xml
Added currency rates into order info box in backend
Added ability to display form buttons on bottom in admin container widget, fixed button levels
Added ability to use memcached to store sessions and to be used as cache backend
Added additional permissions to WS api, fixed bugs with custom permissions
Added option "Disable Guest Checkout if cart contains downloadable items"
Removed store view name from page titles on catalog pages
Commented out required_once in lib/Zend
Added permanent redirect option for URL Rewrites
Added ability to display custom child blocks on success page
Added collecting results of non-asynchronous event handlers in adminhtml/events.js
Added confirmation dialog before switching from 'Images' and 'Downloadable Information' tabs in product edit form to prevent losing selected files
Added firing 'tabChangeBefore' event before switching tab in adminhtml/tabs.js (event handler can return 'cannotchange' to prevent switching)
Rewritten URL Rewrite Management interface
Added checking of file size before uploading
Added downloadable order items pdf renderers
Added downloadable products templates to blank, iphone, modern theme
Added flex uploader source code
Added support of allowed tags into Mage_Core_Helper_Abstract->htmlEscape() method
Added unquoting autobinded quoted values in SQL adapter
Added validation for selected, but not uploaded files
Updated downloader version to 1.2.0
Changed app/etc/local.xml* license to AFL
Added autoguessing mime type of a file if mimemagic extension is not installed
Please check the SVN log if you are looking for the changes that are not listed here.