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A project to demystify the type hierarchy in Perl 6 for newcomers and experts alike.
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=comment This is Pod6, in case you couldn't tell by the extension! One needs a pod6 parser to view as something other than source. [I'd recommend SUPERNOVA, but it doesn't work well enough yet ;) --lue]

=begin pod

=head1 The Perl 6 Type Hierarchy Explained

=head2 What is it?

This is a collection of notes concerning the description of the type hierarchy in Perl6 as presented in the Specification, and (eventually) the resulting Pretty Flowchart™.

=head2 What for?

The type hierarchy in Perl 6 is not well described. There's no dedicated spec document for types, and until now there hasn't been a clear effort to detail it in one location. It's hoped that this project will accomplish the following goals:

=item Beginners are more able to understand the type hierarchy of Perl6 (one flowchart is easier than >32 documents that aren't all about types)
=item Problems and inconsistencies in the spec concerning types will become apparent.

=head2 Used Version of Spec

In order to avoid inconsistencies caused by always using the latest version of the spec during the middle of note-taking, this project will stick to one version of the spec. The current version of the spec being used is:

=head1 fb1ceb21cb7c18cfe0a966acd24d3984df467869

Any updates to the spec after this commit is currently unaccounted for. In the future, updating to later versions would require revising the notes for *all* affected specs before pushing these revisions (so if S01 and S03 were changed in the next commit changed to, the notes for S01 and S03 must be changed and pushed at the same time, as well as any other files affected by the change (e.g. the resulting flowchart).)

=head2 Directory Structure

This is an explanation of the layout of this project

=defn notes/
Where the notes taken whilst reading the specs are, organized by spec. Notes are all in Pod 6 format.

=defn README.pod
This file. If this file is not README.pod, then there's a problem.

=head2 License

All documents here are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License. For the non-legalese summary, see L<>. (From there you can access summaries in other languages (even esperanto!) and view the legalese).

=end pod

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