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A fun interactive fiction game about Perl 6 written in Perl 6
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=begin pod

=head1 Frotzlexity

=head2 About

Frotzlexity is a system for developing IF (Interactive Fiction) games
in Perl 6.

Originally, this would be just an IF game, whose modularized design
would eventually be extracted and become an IF creating set of
modules. It has since been decided that "Frotzlexity" is a great name
for this development system, and now the vision of Frotzlexity is an
IF development system, shipped with a free example game :) .

=head2 Planned Features

Here's the list of planned features for Frotzlexity. In the future
this'll hopefully be a list of available features :) .

=item Objects and People
=item Saving your game
=item Compilation of the game to Z-Code

Details on these (in particular the last point) may be found in the
whiteboard/ directory.

As always, have the appropriate amount of fun!

=end pod
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