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edi comes with a few reusable plugins:

LXC/LXD Templates

During the root file system assembly edi adds templates to the container image (see LXD Documentation).

The following templates are already predefined:


This template dynamically adds the /etc/hostname file to the container.


This template dynamically adds the /etc/hosts file to the container.

LXC/LXD Profiles

With the help of profiles a container configuration can be fine tuned in a modular way (see LXD Profile Documentation).

The following profiles have proven to be useful for various projects:

Default Network Interface

This profile adds a default network interface to the container named according to the value of edi_lxc_network_interface_name. The interface is of type bridged and its parent is lxdbr0.

Default Root Device

This profile makes sure that the container uses the default storage pool as its root device. Please note that newer LXD versions (>=2.9) require the configuration of a storage pool.

Privileged Mode

This profile will make sure that the container is running in privileged mode.

Please note that if a container has one or more :ref:`shared folders<shared folders>` configured it will automatically be turned into privileged mode.

Ansible Playbooks