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from scapy.all import *
dst_ip = ""
for i in range(445,446):
packet_id = random.randint(10000, 2**16-1)
tcp_raw = str(IP(dst=dst_ip) / TCP(sport=RandShort(),dport=i,flags=0x002))[20:]
data1 = tcp_raw[0:8]
data2 = tcp_raw[8:16]
data3 = tcp_raw[16:20]
one_part_request = IP(dst=dst_ip,ttl=49,flags=0x01,proto=0x06,id=packet_id,frag=0)
two_part_request = IP(dst=dst_ip,ttl=49,flags=0x01,proto=0x06,id=packet_id,frag=1)
three_part_request = IP(dst=dst_ip,ttl=49,flags=0x00,proto=0x06,id=packet_id,frag=2)
send(one_part_request / Raw(data1), verbose=False, return_packets=False)
send(two_part_request / Raw(data2), verbose=False, return_packets=False)
send(three_part_request / Raw(data3), verbose=False, return_packets=False)
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