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Comic reading website built by flask.
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A flask project built for learning. Responsive waterfalls flow by Masonry and real time search by List.js.


  • Clear project structure.
  • Controllers, logger, scheduler, extensions, models, tasks etc.
  • Front end build with Bootstrap4, List.js, Magnific Popup, Masonry, MDUI, and imagesLoaded.
  • Add login.
  • Message flash.
  • Using celery to load data asynchronously (Optional), with a progress dashboard.


  • flask_sqlalchemy
  • flask_login
  • celery


  1. git clone
  2. cd flask_ishuhui
  3. python
  4. Open localhost:5000
  5. Login using username and password.
  6. Set ENABLE_CELERY to True if you want to use celery.
  7. Start celery by celery -A ishuhui.tasks.celery_task.celery worker -B -E in flask_ishuhui folde(same folder as

NOTE: username and password are defined in

More screenshots

Latest Latest One Piece One Piece Mange Mange Dashboard


Licensed under the MIT License.

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